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Week Six

Nichol decided not to do her product review today; that’ll be in two weeks. In the mean time, what is she up to?

Oh P90X, how I hate love you so…

In Friday, I will be at the end of my 6th week of P90X. I’m loving the (subtle) body changes I notice from day to day. Problem now is I’m doing so much strength training, that cardio has gone by the wayside and the weight isn’t coming off as fast as it was before.

I’ve made the decision, however dumb, to throw biking/running/swimming back into the mix to increase weight loss. I’ve been attempting to get my P90 done in the morning so I can run or bike at night. This has not been going to well. But you know me, if I am dissatisfied, I will find a way to put parameters and rules in place to get what done what I want to get done.

Saturday through Wednesday, I P90X and cardio. Thursday is solely for P90X and Friday is just cardio. I know that I need rest days, but resting isn’t in the cards until January 1st. Sweet, sweet January 1st.

Did I tell you what’s happening January 1st? Nothing! Nothing is happening January 1st. No miles, no lifting, no Tony whatshisname making me do hard things. Just sweet, sweet bliss. By the time you read this on Wednesday, I will have 146 days of the year left and only 50 days of P90X left.

How else should I celebrate? Would it be awesome if I started the year with a other round of P90X? I’m considering it.


Living the X Life

P90X is no joke. I’ve completed one month and as much as I complain… I’m kind of loving it. I’m already contemplating doing another 90 days after my first 90 days is up. After a break of course.

I am definitely noticing a difference, particularly in my arms. My legs are coming along nicely. I’m still really disappointed in my stomach. I just can’t figure out how to get that to go away. It’s quite annoying actually.

I’m still struggling with the weight loss portion of life. I’ve definitely hit a plateau and I am working hard to stay away from the d-word (discouraged). That’s something I struggle with every single time that scale goes up. I’ve previously acknowledged that I know that weight fluctuates but I can’t help but get super frustrated. Then I start beating myself up for things I’ve eaten within the last two days.

The thing is, I’m generally a good eater. Lots of fruit and chicken. I could stand to add more veggies to my diet. I don’t dislike vegetables, they just seem more high maintenance than fruits.

Maybe that’s my new goal. I need to up the vegetable intake. Any suggestions on quick and easy veggies that I can premake and last a couple of days? Items to note – I don’t eat bell peppers, they have a gross after taste. And I don’t eat curly leaf spinach or whole green beans. Don’t ask why, I could not begin to explain it to you. I’m just an odd duck.

The Scarcity of Posts

Just wanted to take a moment to say hello and thank you to the subscribers who have stuck around even though posting has gotten thin. I fully expected to be up and running by now with at least a couple of posts per week, but as it turns out, we got a child who takes power naps. Just enough time for mom to grab lunch, or empty the dishwasher, or hang the laundry (but not all three!).

So I’m writing when I can. I’d rather write fewer posts with better content than be cranking out crap late at night when I’m super-tired. (Yes, that used to be my high-productivity time of day, but that was back when I was getting uninterrupted sleep at night.)

I have a recipe for you tomorrow, a few posts lined up for you next week, and of course, Nichol is sticking with us on Wednesdays. Are you enjoying following her journey in real time? Has her mile-a-day inspired you to get up and get moving?

I also have a couple more book reviews coming up for books you might like.

So hi 🙂 Thanks 🙂 See you next week!

Vacation time!

It’s Wednesday. That means Nichol has some stuff to say.

Wasn’t my last post sweet? I was in an unpleasant mood and I had nothing nice to say. You can probably figure out where I’m going with this.

So by this time next week, I will be in Pennsylvania, probably in a rental car with my siblings. Getting yelled at by my parents because we are adults and should know better than to yell and scream while they are trying to concentrate on the road.

I did some lazy walking stuff up until Friday, but I’ve been sucking it up this week and trying to go hard because of vacation. I will try to run or bike in addition to the miles of walking my family seems to do when we go out of town, but I know that won’t always be possible.

I have also made a promise to still be very mindful of my eating. I went to Black Angus on Saturday for my Gram’s birthday and went crazy on the bread. Man, is bread freaking delicious or what?

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks, but I’m so close to the 50% mark. I have been having more “what a dumb idea” days than “I’m a healthy genius” days so I’m also using my mindfulness to remember what I’m trying to accomplish.

Last year, despite my healthy life style change, it was so easy to fall off the exercise bandwagon. After these 366 (Leap year!) days are done, my greatest hope is that I have developed a habit. I’m going to be so used to working out, I’ll feel weird if I don’t. I can already tell you that it won’t be daily. And I’ll probably take the first couple days of 2013 off, but I hope that I’ll never go more than two days without some form of exercise.

And so friends, I am off to do something. Probably clean my room and try to start packing my suitcase. Don’t be too sad that I’m gone, just picture me photo bombing my sisters in the solemnity of the Gettysburg battle field.

Quick update

It’s Wednesday and Nichol was very bad at blogging this week.

I’m going to apologize for this super lazy post. Its been a pretty stressful week. So here’s the laziest update I’ve ever provided.

1. Eating: good, eating mindfully and (pretty) healthily.

2. Mile a Day: Off and on. I had a pretty intense training session on Saturday and my legs have been aching.

3. Everything else: I don’t really want to talk about it.

So there it is. Come back next week and I’ll be able to elaborate a little more.

Wow… How depressing

Wednesday in Spanish is el dia de Nichol.

I have been feeling so sucky. Not in a sick way, but in a life sucks and people suck and being broke sucks and I’m sucky and fat.

Now, if you have been following along with me, or if you know me personally, I don’t really believe life sucks (usually), or that people suck (most of them don’t suck), can’t argue with being broke, and I definitely don’t think I’m sucky, and I don’t call myself fat. I call myself “fat in transition.”

But the past week I have been struggling like crazy. Crying in front of people who are not my sisters. Crying in front of people who generally only see me cry once in every six months. I’m just bummed.

It’s a whole mess of things that if I listed here, would exceed the blog’s limit for infinity. I know it’s just a blip, I’ve been here before but this has been a little harder to get out of. I think because it’s more than how I look that’s bringing me down. It’s my job. It’s my lack of money. It’s exhaustion.

On Saturday, I had a really scary moment and I could see myself tiptoeing back to the mouth of the rabbit hole. When I say it like that, it sounds like I’m about to start shooting up again. But that’s what it feels like. I’m referring to food. Before I started this whole process, I was addicted to fast food. I ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If it wasn’t fast food, it was Doritos, ramen, Mac and cheese… Anything. It just made things better when I was eating it. And it was a freaking hard habit to kick.

I was hungry on Saturday. I went to get something to eat. I pulled into the parking lot of a plaza near my house and came to a fork in the road. Right was Filiberto’s, left was Sprouts. That was one of the hardest choices I’ve had to make in a long while. I turned left.

The other day at work, I ate pizza. Two slices. I wanted a third. The only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t pay for it and I felt guilty.

Food is my addiction. I recognize the triggers, but sometimes it is so hard to ignore that voice that’s telling me that it would be okay to have a six-piece McNugget. No harm in a Taco Bell taco.

I know that this will pass. And I always tell myself, right before I go to sleep, that tomorrow will be better. But I’m struggling this week. Probably more than I’ve struggled in the past 22 months. I know I’ve just got to keep pushing on because I have an issue with not completing something I’ve started, no matter what the cost.

Update on other life things…

It’s Wednesday, aka: Nichol’s blog post day.

I don’t have too much going on right now. I’m trying to figure out how to pay for summer school. That’s been pretty stressful. Side note: does anyone have about $4000 spare dollars I can borrow?

I have been relying too much on walking, so I’ve put some restrictions on that. I am now only allowed to leisurely walk a mile once a week when not in school, and twice a week when I am in school. And each day that I walk, I have to walk at least 20 minutes longer than the previous walk. I haven’t had to use it yet, so I’ll keep you posted.

Work is stressful. That’s really all I have to say about that. I am literally filling two positions right now and I’m wearing down. Guaranteed there will be a mental health day within the first week of May (that’s when my sick time refreshes).

Everything else is good. I’m feeling pretty good. I did have to have an EKG on Tuesday morning and I’ll know by the end of the week if I have to go see a cardiologist. On a related note, does anyone have $1,000,000 they can contribute to my HSA?

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