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13 DAYS!

Nichol is here to share her bliss that she’s so close to being done she can taste it. . . and it tastes like candy cane.

It’s my favorite time of year! Cold time!

As you are reading this, I have less than two weeks of mile a day left. I could not be happier.

Someone (whom I love dearly) made a comment about the erratic nature of my posts. “I’m awesome!” “I suck!” “I’m awesome!” “I suck!” And said person is right. This has been a roller coaster of a year.

My life is vastly different then it was two years ago. My life is vastly different than it was one year ago. At the tail end of this year long goal of mine, I talk about how this year has almost made me resent exercise. And it has, to an extent. I hate having to do it every day. I’m obligated to this mile, I’m obligated to see it through to the very end and it has made me resent getting up and doing it.

I know I could just stop. But I can’t just stop. If you know me outside of this blog, you know that if I decide to do something, and really do it, it’s going to get done. Sometimes that makes me awesome, and sometimes that makes me a mental patient. I have thought about quitting, over and over. I’ve taken a day off here and there (sick, back injury) but at the end of the day (the end of the December 31st day, to be exact) I am going to be so proud of myself. Hell, I am already so proud of myself.

I make jokes about it too. I say that I am never exercising again, but those days I had to stop, those days that I couldn’t even start? I not only felt guilty, I craved the activity. I’ve been sick for the last week, but I kept pushing forward. I tried to stay in bed but I couldn’t. I had to do something.

Does that mean I will continue exercising/mile a day, everyday in 2013? No.

What it does mean is that my body and my brain need the exercise. It needs it more than it did before. The scale hasn’t changed as much as I’d hoped, my body is still a hot mess, but this body of mine now has endurance, it has stamina, it has strength and muscle and definition I have never seen before.

So will I mile-a-day for two years? I can’t. I literally can’t. The schedule I was working this last semester is continuing in January and it was just too much. That won’t be an excuse for not working this body out. Even if it means parking extra far from campus or hitting the elliptical for 15 minutes, or doing an hour and a half of yoga once every two weeks.

I feel that I’ve finally crossed the threshold where exercise has not become something I do as a challenge or as a way to get skinny. I will continue to exercise because I FREAKING LOVE IT.


Tired, but working hard

It’s Wednesday and Nichol didn’t forget!

Hi friends.

How long does quinoa last? I am literally still eating the batch I made over a week ago. It tastes pretty okay, and it smells as normal as quinoa and black beans will ever smell, so… I’ll just keeping eating it.

My week has been uneventful. I don’t have anything really new or exciting to tell you. Tomorrow I will have 290 days completed. That’s about it.

I didn’t do much this week. I ran, I finished P90 (finally), I played with toys at Barnes and Noble, I bought books at Barnes and Noble, I house sat (?), I stated up too late playing The Simpsons Tapped Out on my phone, I ate quinoa by the truckload. I was not joking when I said that I made a lot of quinoa.

I’m just feeling a little rundown. My mood is really good, just really exhausted. However, next week will be good. I’ve got the Neon Splash Dash on Saturday and my first hike of the season on Friday!

I hope to have a little more energy next week and will be able to talk your ears off about all the healthy things I’m doing. Hope my lethargy doesn’t rub off on you.

If you’re going to the Splash Dash, look for me. I’ll be the one in white at the beginning and with the splashes of neon color all over at the end. Haha.


Fara, you were chosen as the winner for the kitchen scale!

“Do mini workouts while watching TV such as doing burpees or pushups when there are commercial breaks.”

Please e-mail team at to claim your prize!

Technology, Goals, and a Giveaway!

With so many overweight people in the US, it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to lose weight.

With technology infused into so much of our lives, it makes sense that people looking to lose weight would turn to technology to help.

There are a lot of weight loss apps out there! As with apps for anything, there are some that are great and some not so much. Different features built into different apps to cater to different people. Some app-only, some app + website, some website-only.

One is looking for your input!

SlimKicker has turned healthy living into a game. It is a calorie counting site that turns your diet and fitness goals into a level-up game with points and rewards. You rack up points by tracking calories and completing challenges. You upload a picture of a reward, and we’ll remind you to reward yourself with what you posted as you reach a certain number of points. They also have an iPhone app for tracking your calories.

To enter the giveaway raffle, leave a comment with your suggestion for a fun, creative, diet or fitness challenge, such as “No soda for a week.” Keep your idea short — one to two sentences.

The fine folks at SlimKicker will choose the idea they like the best and will give the winner this kitchen scale.

Giveaway closes at midnight PDT on Monday, August 13. GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED!

Let’s hear what you’ve got!

Happy New Year!

Another year draws to a close — my first full year on this blog! (I started in March 2010.)

I debated what to do with this post. Quite a few blogs have had a “Best of 2011” post showing up this week. The posts I tend to enjoy the most are often not the posts that get the most feedback or the most hits, so I’m not sure I would do well in putting that sort of a roundup together.

Instead, just a few thoughts:

For 2011 — thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for sharing. Blogs are just words in space without readers, and comments and shares are the most tangible ways that I know that you’re reading. Regardless, thanks for hanging around this little corner of the ‘net. If you like what you read, let others know.

For 2012 — I have some ideas to organize the myriad of topics here. I’m not sure I’m going to follow through — I don’t necessarily do well with that much organization — but I’m thinking…

Oh — and tomorrow, there will be a new recipe posted 🙂

Fare-the-well, 2011! You have served me well. Looking forward to greatness in 2012!

Your Input: eBook

I have broken ground on an ebook and am looking for your input.

The outline is the basics of healthy living: good food, exercise, sleep. Nothing too far outside of mainstream — I want it to be accessible for those who are just getting started — but not “at fast food joints, get a salad” either. I’m debating a section on household products (home and body cleaners, etc.), but I am leaning away from that for now.

If you have thoughts or suggestions of either what you’d like to see in it for yourself, or what information you would have found useful when you were at the “I want to change but I don’t know how” stage, send it my way. I’m accepting any and all thoughts about this. You can leave a comment here, tweet it @2CFC, or email it to heather at secondchancefit dot com.

New epiphany, but in a totally bad way.

Yup. It’s hit me again. This time though, it wasn’t a good epiphany. It scared the crap out of me.

Things at work have gotten really unpleasant. In the past month, four people have been laid off and three people have quit. My caseload has increased exponentially. My stress level has increased exponentially times a million.

And my eating has gone to crap. I haven’t been working out. I’m miserable at work and I’m hungry all the time.

Its not really a new connection, but it’s one that I hadn’t paid attention because it wasn’t an issue. Now, it is an issue. I am not handling this like a champ.

And now it’s the week of my birthday and I am eating out, damn near everyday this week. I became very conscious of my eating issue so I’ve tried to be really careful about what I eat while I’m out.

Working out has also come to a grinding halt. I’m working on that. I need a new schedule. But, now I have a new schedule and it starts on Sunday (which sounds like more excuses, but it’s really not. I also start school this week and my epiphany didn’t happen until a couple of days ago)

I refuse to go backward. I refuse to spend my money buying bigger pants. So I have to get busy.

PS: happy birthday to Janna, my best friend of 20 years!

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