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A Different Kind of Week


Hello! I don’t usually post on Sundays, but I wanted to give all my regulars a heads up that this week is going to be a bit different than usual here at Change Is Possible.



I have a giveaway and two products to review and have decided to stuff them all into one week. I figured that was better than doing one each week for the next three weeks.


If you like these sorts of posts, then you’ll be joyful here this week 🙂 If you hate them, tune in Monday next week for our regularly scheduled content.


Do you like these sorts of things?


I get a lot of offers for product and book reviews in my e-mail. Most of the products are for crap that I wouldn’t touch myself, much less suggest that someone else use it. One piqued my interest, and one piqued Nichol’s interest.


I can very easily just decline all offers, if y’all hate these kinds of posts.


There are still a few book reviews on the horizon (for books I already received and am reading), but not in the immediate future.

So if you have an opinion, please share it in the comments. I’ll all ears 🙂









Blog Hiatus…

Hello, faithful readers.

I am letting you know that I’m going to be taking a blog break. Working and baby-ing and trying to maintain some semblance of life is stressful (duh!) and not blogging will give me a bit of extra time and take off some pressure.

As you know, I was participating in the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge; I’m dropping out of that. I thought it would be a good way to connect with other health and wellness bloggers, maybe pick up a few readers.


  • a post a day right now is just too much
  • I’m not looking at anyone else’s writing
  • and am therefore not connecting with people
  • I’m actually losing RSS subscribers
  • the prompts are not up my alley and are mostly not in line with what I write about

I will be back in May some time. Nichol will still be popping in on Wednesdays. If we try and love a new recipe, I’ll be sure to post it. If I come across something that I need to blog about, you’ll see it. And I have two posts scheduled to go up this week that I am going to leave scheduled.

Have a great couple of weeks! Enjoy the fabulous spring weather 🙂

I Write About My Health Because…

Today’s prompt in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is to write about why I write about my health.

For me, it’s pretty simple: I hope to educate, inspire, assist.

My path started a long time ago, in a long-gone body with a remarkably different diet. Small changes led to more small changes led to more small changes. A few big changes got tossed in. My body changed. My diet changed. My mindset changed. As all of this happened, I became more aware of and connected to information about health and wellness. As I became (and continue to become) more aware, I made more changes. And so it cycles.

I know other people who want to make changes, or who are already on the path and want to continue.

I hope that what I write is useful at least some of the time for my audience. I endeavor to share things that I find interesting or infuriating (or both), things that I think are useful, things that in any way catch my attention.

In small part, I hope to bring a little business to my business, but that really is secondary.

My readership is small but growing. People are interested.

Not only does this blog allow me to share things I’ve experienced, read, or otherwise learned, but it allows me to learn via feedback from readers. (Thanks, commenters!)

That’s why I’m here. Why are you here?

Blogs To Check Out

I read a lot of blogs. Well … I have a lot of feeds in my reader. I like the reader because it is easy to see when there is new content and it’s easy to skim without my mailbox filling up with blog posts. Sometimes I skip, sometimes I skim, and sometimes I read.

I like to have a steady diet of where I want my life to be, whether maintaining the current or working towards the future, so the topics are fairly varied — nutrition, health, finance, general living, plastics, funny, mindset — but they’re worth my time. Want to check them out?

Appetite for Health

Disease Proof

Get Rich Slowly

Hyperbole and a Half

MizFit Online


My Plastic-Free Life

No Meat Athlete

Seth’s Blog

Simply Life Blog

Zen Habits

And one that I was just tipped off to, but it looks like it’s going to be a keeper: My New Old Heart

Let me know if you find a new blog that you love from this list!

Letter To My Younger Self

MizFit posted My letter to a littler misfit. on Wednesday; it inspired me to write my own.

(my high school senior picture)

Dear Self,

Your life’s path has so many twists and turns. You can plan, but most of those plans aren’t going to work out.

In college, you’re going to ditch your long hair, lose your religion, and gain a lot of weight. You will go from extremely passive and complacent to near the other end of the spectrum, and it will take you a while to find a comfortable middle ground. You find a good space, but you alienate some people along the way.

You will have significant stretches of extreme loneliness. You will learn a lot from them but not until much later. You will make a small assortment of (fairly minor) bad decisions in an effort not to be lonely. Therapy will help, but the first four therapists will not be worth the time or money. You will become comfortable in your own skin; it takes some time.

Eventually, you’ll figure out how to manage your finances. You’re not bad with the little stuff, and you’re not much of a shopper, but you do make some major bad decisions that will take a very long time to repair.

Don’t drive home after the show. You’re too tired.

(this is what happens when you sleep and drive — no alcohol was involved)

Opening a retirement account as soon as you start working would be wise. Living in Arizona for a year before starting grad school (so your tuition is in-state) would also be wise. Oh — and don’t buy a house right after you get married. The housing market is in a bubble and houses will be a lot cheaper if you wait a couple of years.

You will thrive teaching elementary band, giving clinics at state conferences and writing your own curriculum. Landing a gig in inner-city Phoenix will teach you about yourself, your privilege, politics, and socioeconomics in a way that nothing else does.

Eventually, you will clean up your eating and start to care about “all that healthy shit.” Your disgusting diet will turn vegetarian. You’ll crave vegetables. Fried foods will make you physically sick. You’ll lose 80 pounds. You’ll have a sizable working knowledge of GMOs, BPA, “natural flavors” and other unsavory food supply practices that aren’t anywhere close to on your radar right now.

You’ll wash your hair with baking soda and wear shoes with toes.

“Run when chased” will turn into triathlons.

That’s a lot of words to be eatin’.

These things that formerly were so repugnant and stupid to you not only become part of your career, but they become part of you and define your lifestyle.

The cancer journey is slightly terrifying, but it’s not the bumpiest part of your journey and it gives you “street cred.”

One constant? The road is twisty and rarely can you see more than a few feet in front of you. What changes is how you experience it.

And no, Arizona isn’t a big sand box. Different kind of desert.


Your older, wiser, happier Self

give it up for Nichol!

As I mentioned in my changes for 2011 post, each Wednesday, Nichol is going to post about some part of her current journey.  I have known Nichol for about five years; watching her recent metamorphosis has been amazing, and I think you’ll get a lot out of things she has to say.

I thought she would be a great person to have on board because she is in the process of change, which for some people, is more motivational than someone who has already done it and is in a “maintenance” phase.

Also, as a side note: my name is Heather; my nickname is Heat. So when she refers to Heat, that’s me 🙂

Without further ado: Nichol!

Hey! Long time no see! I was really excited and flattered when Heather asked me to contribute to her blog. I have no idea what I am going to write about once a week, but I can ramble my way out of pretty much anything, so I shouldn’t run out of things to say. And I’m not quite sure where these little ramblings are going to take us yet, but hopefully we will figure it out together. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I will gladly take them.

We haven’t talked much since October, so here’s a little update, before we get to the meat and potatoes (or veggie burger and potatoes) of today’s post.

Since October, I have completed my first 5K, brought my weight loss to 42.3 lbs and lost another pant size, bought A LOT of new clothes, and struggled through my first plateau. That was hard. The old Nichol would have just given up and had some McNuggets, but the new Nichol worked to recognize that I was suffering a serious lack of motivation. I am back in the saddle though, and ready to rock.

The New Year brought an interesting question to mind though. I was not really considering a resolution, because I didn’t know what to resolve to do. My goal in 2010 was to be happy, and I feel like I have never been happier. I don’t go skipping around town all day long (usually), but I don’t hate waking up in the morning, I don’t hate going to work, I don’t hate how I feel or how I look. But things could always be better, right? So that brought me to my resolution.

A budget! Let’s be financially healthy. And for those of you who are reading this and know me well, know that I love to shop! I have more shoes than will ever be necessary, more bags than Dillard’s, and no money. OK, well, I have money, but not as much as I did back in May when I was still making (don’t laugh teachers) good money. Yes, the money I made as a teacher was good compared to what I am making now, so what better time than the new year to put myself on a budget and build my savings back up to where it was before a new car down payment and a lengthy unemployment.

I went through a lot of different websites and looked at a variety of different software things, including a number of iPhone/iPad apps, and they were all so complicated. Of course, I talk to Heat about it. And of course, what she does is exactly what I was looking for all along! So I asked to steal her system and now I’m pretty sure that at some point I will have to tattoo “Molded by Heat” somewhere on my body.

So my resolution this year is to be healthy. That’s it. Be healthy in mind, body, spirit, and checking account.

What’s yours?

changes for 2011

On March 7, 2010, I started this blog, not really sure where it was going. I just knew I had a lot of stuff to put out there that I had learned along the way (and was continuing to learn) and that I was sure there were others who it would help.

Since then, I have published 299 posts (today’s is #300!), most of which were content.

I had no idea how much time and energy it takes to blog every day long-term. Whew!

In an effort to reallocate time a bit, I have decided to stop the insanity known as blogging every day.

I am planning to post three weekdays per week, and maintain the Saturday recipe feature and Sunday link roundup feature, though I might move one or both to a different day.

What will be new around here? Nichol (who gave us a guest post here) is going to contribute each Wednesday on her ongoing life transformation. I told her she could lay out whatever she wanted — food, exercise, smoking, finances, struggles, successes, plateaus — to give a somewhat real-time account of change in progress. I am excited about this and think it will be a great addition 🙂

I also have a few other guest posts lined up. If you have an interest/knowledge/passion for any aspect of health or fitness (chemicals, organics, food in general, exercise, other medical stuff — sky’s the limit) and /or have a story of change that you would like to share, please contact me at heather at secondchancefit dot com and we’ll work out a plan.

If you are not a subscriber and would like to be one of the cool kids, you can get posts delivered to your inbox (you won’t receive anything but posts), or you can subscribe via RSS. Check the side bar to the right to opt-in.

Have a great New Year’s Eve, however you decide to spend it, and I’ll see you on the flip side!

welcome MizFit groupies!

Welcome to all coming over here via!

What’s going on here at Change Is Possible?  Basically, I’m all about making small changes to make yourself, your life what you want it to be.  I’ve been down the obesity path and have fought and beat cancer (see About tab for a bit more on me), and have completely turned my life around, one small step at a time.

Sometimes I write about the mental challenges of change, sometimes I write about exercise, about other health-related issues … topics really are not terribly restricted.  Saturdays, I post a vegetarian recipe that I like (sometimes they’re not vegetarian but I include the modifications I’ve made to them to make them vegetarian); Sundays I post links to things I’ve read throughout the week that I think fit the overall theme of the blog.

Here are a few of the posts that I like the best or feel the most strongly about, if you’d like a glimpse of the archives without reading all of them.  All links open in a new window.

Meatless Meals Round Up: page of links to all of the recipes posted so far

the dreaded lower back: because so many people have back problems, and the majority of them are really not that difficult to avoid

soreness and stretching

answering some questions about strength exercises

why are you eating?

My whole house is great!

DIY household cleaners


cancer rant

pants and the weight yo-yo

what is “normal”?

shoulders: yours are probably using energy you could use for other things…

salt water?  up my nose?  on purpose? the beauty of the Neti Pot

triathlon goodness: play-by-play of my most recent tri

five ugly words

improvement *is* the goal


OK that turned out to be more than “a few” but that’s OK.  Happy reading!  If you like what you’re seeing, please subscribe via e-mail or RSS!!

spreading the word: change

My path has been interesting — sometimes easy, sometimes difficult, but it is the only path I know.

It has brought me to a place where I have not only an ability but an obligation to reach out to people, to tell them my story, to let them know that they are not stuck, that change is possible.

This blog is a little piece of that, but I want to make it bigger.

If you have an audience who is looking to hear a great story from a personable speaker that will help them to take the first steps to making the positive changes that they want to make in their lives, look no further!

If you are in the Phoenix metro area, I will speak to your group for no charge.  If you are out of the area, I do request that transportation and accommodations be provided.

Please contact me: heather at secondchancefit dot com.  You can look at my website at the same URL for more information about me.

my financial context

There are many similarities between getting in shape physically and getting in shape financially.  In some ways, this is easier — less to remember!  But it might mean having the same struggles in multiple areas of your life.

My context for all things financial: I am finally not a disaster 🙂  In college, I had a few student loans (most of college was paid for by scholarships or mom/dad).  I worked some jobs for spending money and graduated with a bit of credit card debt.  Not bad.

My first few months in the real world were a complete disaster, including a bad car accident (fell asleep driving, ran a red light) while uninsured, which led to an amazing chain of expenses — including but not limited to a lawyer and two settlements with the people who hit me — that followed me for about four years.  In that same four years, I made some incredibly bad choices about buying cars (bought several in a row instead of just buying one and sticking with it) and about living spaces (I lived in seven apartments in NJ between college graduation and moving to AZ).  I racked up some pretty good student loans while in grad school and also some credit card debt.

Now, my husband and I are in decent financial shape with very few loans (mortgage, his car, my student loans) and no credit card debt.  We’ve just recently figured out a system that seems to be working well for us, after trying a few other systems.  I’ll lay them all out there — one that didn’t work for us might work for you.

If you read any of the personal finance (PF) blogs, you know that many of those writers are very open with what they have, what they spend, what they save, what they owe.  That same degree of transparency will not be found here, but I think that will be OK.  I find that it’s easy for me to dismiss the advice of the PF bloggers with, “Well, of course you can do that.  You make twice as much money as I do.”  That takes off the responsibility for what I can do.  Sometimes numbers get in the way.

So the plan for this week is to write about basics of personal finance, and next week I’ll get into household toxins.  After that — who knows?  There’s a lot of time between now and then.  I am always open to suggestions, so if there’s something you really want to see here, feel free to mention it!

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