20 DAYS!

Nichol is enjoying not having to do anything but run miles and work. Here she is to tell you about them.

Hi friends. I’m down to my last 20 days of mile-a-day. It is going to be such a relief to have this monster of a goal behind me. I think it may have been infinitely more awesome if I didn’t also have to go to class and intern for the last four months of the year. That was so rough.

I also made a goal to run one mile each day until the end of the year, with my last few class/interning days as walking exceptions. I got sick one day. And the two others? I was hanging with my family and relaxing.

This goal has become such a burden and I have really been struggling with getting to the end. People have pointed out that I could just be done. Which is true. But I’ve already come so far, I would be so mad at myself for stopping now. So mad.

It’s my own brain, you know? I put so much pressure on myself. I’m definitely taking a different approach next year. I already have goals for 2013, things I want to accomplish, but I will be saving those for the coming weeks.

Here’s a teaser though: I will remain on a regular exercise routine. I will still eat healthy. I will not beat myself up about things that I eat or things that I do or don’t do.

Right now, I’m busy catching up on sleep, cleaning my house, and making sure I get in that mile.

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