Oops…. I did it again

This is Wednesday right? Nichol is scheduled to work…let’s see if she shows up.

I’m here! Which is opposite of last week but my excuse is totally valid. I was playing Xbox!

That was a joke.

I was crazy sick. Which is also not an excuse because I got sick around 2:30 Wednesday morning and I usually write this between Sunday and Tuesday, but let’s just go with it, okay?

This semester is winding down and I could not be happier. It has been so difficult to make sure I get a decent workout in everyday, but some days (like 12 hour intern days or 14 hour school days) it sucks. A lot.

I will be officially done by the 1st if December and then I can kill the rest of this year, which is exciting. I re-started Couch to 5K, but I just can’t commit and finish. I’m so tired!

The plan is to alternate one mile runs and strength training a la P90X until the 31st. Then January starts, pressure is off, and I can have a normal routine that fits into my schedule and is no longer an obligation or a chore. I am ready to start enjoying my workouts again.

Off to put the finishing touches on my last paper of the semester and enjoy four days of relaxation.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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