Nichol’s Manifesto

Nichol is here and ready to say some stuff.

This is not so much a manifesto, but a rant. Plus, I’m not quite sure what a manifesto should consist of and I don’t really feel like figuring it out.

The bottom line is that I am going to write a book. I’m going to call it “DUH.”

It’s going to have 5 chapters and it’s all about getting skinny.

Chapter One: Eat a lot of Healthy Things.

Chapter Two: Exercise Regularly

Chapter Three: Don’t Eat (a lot) of Bad Things

Chapter Four: Drink a lot of Water, Drink Other Stuff Sparingly, Don’t Drink Soda

Chapter Five: Throw Away your Atkins/Mediterranean/Assorted Other Fad Ways to Eat Books and Follow My Rules

In conclusion: it now feels like common sense to me. Although for a long time I wasn’t using that common sense. But I feel like this is important for people to know. (Exceptions made for people who have to eat a certain diet for physical reasons.)

That being said. Now that I’m getting to the end of the semester, I am getting LAZY! I need some motivation. Does anyone have any I can borrow?

Or at least be willing to overlook my lazy walking and lack of running until November 29th-ish?

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