Fun 5K!

Nichol is here to share some more random thoughts.

I did the Neon Splash Dash 5K on Saturday night. It’s sort of similar to the Color Run I did last year but instead of powder, it’s liquid! Instead of running around Tempe Town Lake, we ran around Firebird Lake! Instead of daytime, it was nighttime!

It was so fun. We got all colored up and then drank beers (oops) and danced like crazy people until 10 p.m. Party animals!

I had a great time and got a lot of good exercise. Which hopefully offset the beer that I drank.

But most importantly, I realized when I got home that night that it’s important to get out and socialize more. Aside from exercise, hanging out with some girls that I really like spending time with was really good for my mood. I was exhausted the next day while interning for 12 hours, but it was worth it.

So friends, my new goal is to be more social. I have to make sure I’m taking time to leave the house and have fun. It’s hard, especially when I’m tired all the time and have papers to write, but I was so happy and I want to stay happy.

That’s been the point of this whole year is healthy living. Happiness and changed for the better.




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