Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 15

Stats week! I’ll share some breast cancer statistics with you each day this week.

Today’s stats are about genetics:

Roughly 85% of breast cancers are in women with no family history.

Having a first-degree relative with breast cancer (mother, daughter, sister) roughly doubles your odds of riding the cancer bus.

Gene mutations known to be associated with breast cancer can be inherited from either parent and give you up to an 80% chance of developing the disease in your lifetime, often prior to menopause. (These ladies are also at increased risk for ovarian cancer.)


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  1. Posted by Melanie on 15 October 2012 at 12:12

    Epigenetics shows that genes don’t mutate, they are blueprints. Basically, the environment causes them to be uncovered and “read”. They are not turned on or off, as you can’t turn off a blueprint. You can either read it or not. So, yet again, science is showing that this is environmental (what you put into or on your body by way of thoughts, trauma, toxins).

    The BEST cure is PREVENTION.

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