Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 13

Everything that I have seen everywhere, year-round, with regards to breast cancer falls into one of two categories: find a cure and early detection saves lives.

Now, a cure would be fabulous, and early detection is certainly better than late detection.

But I don’t ever see prevention. Ever.

The difference between prevention and early detection is enormous.

Another thing: once you have it, you always have had it. It’s not like chicken pox, where you get it then have an immunity. Somewhere in the depths of your brain, you always know it can come crashing back at any time. For some people, this is overwhelming. For me, it has not been, but it still exists. This, of course, doesn’t even take into consideration all of the cancers that are possibilities as a result of the chemo and radiation.

This was going around Facebook, and it makes the most sense to me:

According to my oncologist, two-thirds of cancers are lifestyle-related. Two-thirds of cancers are lifestyle-related. We could eliminate well over half of all cancer cases by cleaning up our habits.

Please don’t wait for the diagnosis before you decide to make changes.

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