Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 11

I heard an ad on the radio the other day. Safeway is doing a promotion for Pinktober where you buy $30 worth of goods marked with pink ribbons and they donate $5 to … somewhere. Not sure if they didn’t say (“breast cancer research” is not an organization) or if I just don’t remember. But that sentence ended with “up to $2 million.”

That’s an important little asterisk there, folks. They have all of this “participating merchandise” (I haven’t actually gone to Safeway to see how much of it is crap) that they’re going to sell unless it hits the “sell by” date. In all likelihood, they’re going to hit $2 million in donations long before the pink products have all left the shelves. What happens after that? You buy $30 worth of products and Safeway keeps all $30. Think they’re going to tell you when their donations have maxed out?

I’m not picking solely on Safeway. As far as I know, every retail promotion like this one has had a monetary cap.

And most of them have been selling things that aren’t good for you and, in some cases, cause breast cancer.

Of course, some of them are just capitalizing on the pink and none of the proceeds go anywhere.

Find out tomorrow where you can make a donation instead.

Want to read more? Here is a link to more detailed information about “corporate pink.”

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