Play me the theme from Rocky… And find me some steps!

I am so freaking pumped guys! I remain an overworked, underpaid minion of my place of employment, my place of internship, and Arizona State University, but I am also a running (and walking and strength training) fool!

And I only have 83 more days!

Can you believe it?

I can/can’t.

Not really sure what I’m going to do with myself in January 1. Probably not run.

I firmly believe that I am walking, talking, skipping proof that in the exercise improving mood arena, CORRELATION DOES IN FACT EQUAL CAUSATION! (did that make a strong enough point?)

I am still working out the meal planning kinks, but on Sunday I baked a ton of Brussels sprouts meatballs and pasta. Plus I made about a half ton of quinoa for quinoa and black bean salad. (I overestimated how much I would eat this week, so my quinoa to black bean ratio is quite skewed. Hence the three cans of black beans I had to run and buy so black beans did not feel inferior or less loved than quinoa.) (And by Brussels sprouts meatballs, I mean Brussels sprouts that are made to function as meatballs in my spaghetti. It’s awesome and I want to patent it, but I’m not entirely sure I actually invented it. Are any of you patent lawyers? No? Good. I totally invented the recipe and it is delicious.)

I have also been good at avoiding treats. At some point this month I am going to get boo’ed at work and I will have to eat the offerings of the person who boo’ed me or I’ll be a party pooper. But I’ll ration my treats out and give away the gross treats, i.e. Snickers.

I am pretty much just rolling along, being my obnoxious, rambunctious self. Nothing else new to report.

And how was your week?

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