Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 10

In doing research for all of these daily tidbits, I came across this page. It makes me sad.

All of that … junk … in the name of “breast cancer awareness.”

Please please PLEASE — awareness of what?? Who is not aware that breast cancer exists???


I think I got all that out of my system. I made it all the way to Day 10 before I got ranty. Not bad! 😉

If your friend has breast cancer and it would be a sign of support to her for you to wear a pink hat, then by all means, buy a pink hat. (Please check with your friend first. She might not like it.) But if you’re buying pink just to support “the cause,” you’d be better off finding a reputable organization and making a donation.

Where to donate? Find out on Friday… Tomorrow, learn about one more marketing loophole to be aware of.

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