Recipe: Green Banana Ice Cream

Today’s recipe is really just a combination of two things I’d been doing already anyway: green smoothie + banana “ice cream”

It does take a bit of advance planning — you need frozen bananas. I used to simply take bananas that were passing their prime, peel them, break them into chunks and freeze them. But now I eat a lot of frozen bananas (expected to decline in number as cooler weather is finally starting to make hints of coming around). The grocery store sells “ripe” bananas in bags for 29 cents per pound. Good deal! So I buy a bag of those, peel ’em, break ’em up, freeze them on a cookie sheet. Once they’re frozen, transfer to a jar or bowl.

Anyway, for today’s treat, I took roughly the equivalent of two bananas, a handful of baby spinach, maybe a quarter cup or so of almond milk, and a dollop (tablespoon? two?) of peanut butter, tossed them all into my VitaMix (have had it for about a month—love it!) and blended until everything was chopped up and creamy — peanut butter banana ice cream! I don’t taste the spinach. The Big Man does. The Kid doesn’t care.

Of course, you could add anything to it that might go well with banana. If I had almond butter, I would have added that instead of peanut butter. A bit of cocoa powder makes it chocolately, but it’s easy to add too much.

Refreshing and healthy! These would also make good popsicles.

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