Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 5

Soy is also sometimes confused by the body as estrogen. While some people forego tofu, edamame, soy milk, etc., please also note that many (most?) processed foods have soy in them as well. Read the ingredients on package labels.

As a side note, Japanese women living in Japan have much lower rates of breast cancer than Japanese women living in the US. I suspect that soy is not inherently a problem.

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  1. Posted by angie on 5 October 2012 at 22:02

    I just read that only 1 percent of Japanese women take birthcontrol pills since they are not getting all of these extra hormones could that also affect the breast cancer rates.

  2. Posted by angie on 5 October 2012 at 22:07

    I donot believe it is natural hormones like in soy but synthetic hormones in birthcontrol pills since only one percent of Japanese women take synthetic hormones. Also the lack of vitamin d doesnot help in the american diet along with the overuse of sunscreen to not allow anyone to get vitamin d. Vitamin d has been found to shrink breast cancer cells.

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