Your Tastes Change…

I went to a party over the weekend. It was a potluck with an “American food” theme.

Needless to say, most of the food there was junk food, though conspicuously, there was no apple pie!

Anyway, someone brought Twinkies. I haven’t had a Twinkie in years. I decided, just out of curiosity, to try a bite of one and see what they taste like.

They taste like chemicals. It was disgusting. I spit it out.

This is the thing: I used to like Twinkies. A lot. They weren’t a go-to food for me, but they were pretty delicious.

Taste buds changed, not as a result of time passing, but as a result of time passing without me eating crap like Twinkies.

As you remove garbage food from your diet and replace it with whole, real food, you develop a liking — a craving, even — for good, whole, real food. The more of it you eat (assuming you’re eating food you like), the more of it you want.

Did you see the fine print there? It needs to be food you like. If you decide to “go on a diet” (which is not a good plan in the first place) and eat lots of “salads” made of iceberg lettuce and carrot shreds and hate every minute of it, well, you’re not going to crave more of it.

Find produce that you like. Reduce the amount of cheese/dressing/sauce/dip you eat it with. Eat more of it. At the same time, eat less junk food, less processed food, less sugar and sugar substitutes.

As time goes on, keep eating more good food and less crap food, and before you know it, you’ve completely changed how you eat. I am a living testament to this process. People think I’ve always been healthy or that it’s always been easy — but that’s just rationalizing why you “can’t.” It was no easier for me than it is for you.

Drop the excuses and get it done. Because you can. And it’s worth it. YOU are worth it.


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  1. Posted by Melanie on 1 October 2012 at 14:19

    I know what you mean! I had something the kids gave me that I used to LOVE as a kid and all it tasted like was chemicals. Spit it out immediately and confirmed my reason for eating real food! The kids appreciated it, too. They took notice that I spit it out and talked about how much poison is in food these days. As for liking foods for your tastes to change, I agree… To a point. Drew used to HATE beans of any kind, but kept eating them because that is how it works here. One day, he asked for seconds if beans and said how much he loves beans! Nicolas used to not like veggies, and after a year or so of eating them he liked them a lot. Same with my parents. They didn’t like the veggie juice I made when they first tried it, and now they love it. Tastes change the more you utilize them. I would think of it as a neuronal thing. The more you use a pathway, the stronger and faster it gets. Taste is a neurological thing as well. Shutting up now. Great post!

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