Breast Cancer Awareness, Day 1

Two posts today!

Anyone who knows me or has been a long-time reader knows that I despise Pinktober. The pink-washing of consumerist America frustrates and disgusts me on many levels.

I have decided that this year, instead of ranting about the machine again, I will post a short piece of information or a link every day.

Awareness. Not awareness like “I have a pink ribbon magnet on my car.” Awareness like “I stopped eating canned food.” Some of these will apply to more than just breast cancer, since many environmental toxins lend themselves to multiple cancers.

Today’s tidbit is from the personal file, lest you believe that my dislike is a result of not having personal experience:¬†before I knew all the reasons not to support Komen, I did the Race for the Cure and wore multiple “in honor of” and “in memory of” bibs: my great aunt, my “surrogate mom” in college, my mother-in-law. Since then, a friend I made in the infusion room, a coworker, another coworker’s mom, a friend.

As a person who has received chest radiation (for Hodgkin’s lymphoma), I am at high risk for developing breast cancer in my lifetime.

It is also interesting to note that many breast cancers are also treated with chest radiation …


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  1. Posted by Melanie on 1 October 2012 at 14:23

    Amen sister! Awareness as in “I drink out of glass, and choose to only put safe things under my armpits” and the list goes on and on. I discovered who Jane Plant is today, and read one of her books, etc.

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