You Still “Feel It” — But “Why” Changes

If you’ve been living a sedentary life and you start exercising, especially with vigor, you’re going to feel it. You’re going to be tired when you’re done, you might be sore that day or the next day. You might wonder how people do this all the time. You might tell yourself that you can’t see yourself doing this all the time.

For whatever reason, you push through. You are exercising four, five, six days a week. (Please keep a rest day in there!) You start to have more energy in your daily life. You might not look forward to gettin’ your sweat on, but you’re not dreading it. Maybe you’ve lost a few pounds or your clothes are fitting differently. You are fueling yourself differently.

Something happens and you miss a couple of days of exercise. You notice that you feel sluggish. Your eating is going downhill.

You’re looking forward to exercise again!

Our bodies aren’t made to sit around. Exercise is good for countless reasons (general health, cardio-vascular function, cognitive function, emotional health and stability, joint health, bone density). When you’re in the habit of moving moving moving, your body is happy. When you stop, you feel it.

Have you reached the tipping point yet?


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  1. I have reached that point several times and plan to many more in the rest of my life. I am just so happy to know what it feels like, to crave the exercise, and to love the burn afterwards now!

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