Zaggora Hot Pants Review

Not your usual Wednesday post, friends. It’s still Nichol, but with a product review!

*Disclaimer* I’m not a paid product reviewer (although that would be cool), but I definitely enjoy trying new things. If anyone wants me to test drive a new Ferrari or carry a Birkin bag, drop me a line! I received a pair of these pants to review, but the opinions are mine, all mine!

Today I am going to talk a little about Zaggora Hot Pants. I’ll give you my general opinion first, and then some details on the why and how I came to the conclusion I came to. I actually really liked these pants and would wear them, but only for a short periods of time and for certain exercises.

#1 Look and Feel

My Zaggora Hotpants were the long Flares, in black. They honestly looked like scuba pants and they made me look pretty svelte. For that alone I woud be willing to wear them daily.

That being said, they are a little tight, but not so much that I couldn’t breathe. Now I hope no one gets offended, but the best part of the pants is the removal of the pants. I wouldn’t realize how hot and sweaty my legs were, but when I was rolling the pants down, it was the best feeling ever. Especially when the air conditioning is on, and the cool air hits the hot legs. Oh man.

I also debated on sharing this, but in the interest of full disclosure… You need to wear underwear (some people don’t, just saying) but when the pants come off, underwear is SOAKED. It’s gross.

A big downfall for me with the Hotpants is the need to wash them everyday. They will start to stink, as do any pants that you profusely sweat in, but these will get rank. Also gross.

Hotpants in Use

Since I got the Hotpants during P90X, I decided to use them for P90X. Most videos are an hour, with the exception of YogaX, which is 90 minutes.

I very quickly realized that Zaggora suggests 30 minutes because 30 minutes is apropos. After an hour, I felt like I was in a sauna and I may still be sweating.

The last couple of suggestions is that you really stick with cardio. Anything requiring flexibility is not easy in these pants. For days that I did yoga and Kenpo, I wore regular old track or yoga pants. I did wear them when strength training and that was not bad.

Ideally, they seem to be best suited to running, walking, or an elliptical.

I’m not 100% that they make as huge of a difference as the site claims. One of my biggest questions about the study they did is the eating habits of the women. The women wearing Hotpants may have lost more weight and inches, but I couldn’t find any information on if they ate the same foods as the women in the control group.

I plan on continuing to wear the pants, but for cardio.

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