Don’t Blame It On Your Eyebrows

I told a story to my kids at school and thought that it would be relevant here as well.

In the 2008 Olympics, Michael Phelps won a race by 0.01 seconds. In the 2012 Olympics, he lost a race by 0.05 seconds.

In case you’re unaware: swimmers shave their body hair to help reduce drag in the water. They don’t necessarily shave the parts that are covered (head and groin), but arms, legs, chest, armpits — no hair.

NBC showed an interview with the guy who lost in ’08. (I have to assume it was a rerun of an interview from ’08, but I’m not actually sure.) In the course of the interview, he said that if he had shaved his eyebrows, he would have won.

They also interviewed Phelps after his loss. He basically said that he was outraced.

If something isn’t going your way, are you going to own it, or are you going to blame it on your eyebrows?

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