Product Review: SereniTea

I received some samples of SereniTea, liquid organic tea extract in single-serving pouches. They have a product line of eight teas — a mixture of caffeinated, decaffeinated, sweetened and unsweetened. All are vegan and gluten-free (is tea typically not vegan or gluten-free?) and claim to have double the antioxidants of their steeped tea counterparts.

My thoughts on this product are mixed.

When I read the information sent and looked at the website, the product looked great! Organic tea. Rip open the pouch and add water. Doesn’t need to be hot water. Drink tea anywhere. Especially great for folks who are drinking garbage drinks because they don’t like water.

I received a sample box and noticed immediately: “presweetened.” I flipped the box over to see what it’s sweetened with: sucralose.

What most people don’t know is that the USDA certified organic label can be used for a product that is at least 95% organic by weight. “The remaining ingredients are not available organically but have been approved by the [National Organic Program].” (source) Loophole in labeling. I am not a fan. Not SereniTea’s fault that the loophole exists, but they did choose to take advantage of it.

So I requested an unsweetened sample, which I also received. I was able to try unsweetened raspberry green tea, made with “natural raspberry flavor.”


The flavor is strong. If you don’t like your tea strong, use more water. The directions call for 10 to 16 ounces of water. I used about 12 because I usually drink my tea pretty strong, but more water would have been fine.

It was also slightly bitter, which, I suppose, is why most of the flavors are pre-sweetened. Easy enough to add your own sweetener, though, if you don’t want to consume sucralose.

The pouches are indeed convenient and would be easy to stick in your back pack, lunch bag or purse.

Also convenient is the fact that you don’t need hot water. If you want a glass of iced tea, you can add the contents of the pouch to a glass of ice water.

It is good that at least 95% of the contents are certified organic.

If you’re looking for something to flavor your water that is quick, easy, and flavorful, SereniTea might be a good fit for you.

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