Week Six

Nichol decided not to do her product review today; that’ll be in two weeks. In the mean time, what is she up to?

Oh P90X, how I hate love you so…

In Friday, I will be at the end of my 6th week of P90X. I’m loving the (subtle) body changes I notice from day to day. Problem now is I’m doing so much strength training, that cardio has gone by the wayside and the weight isn’t coming off as fast as it was before.

I’ve made the decision, however dumb, to throw biking/running/swimming back into the mix to increase weight loss. I’ve been attempting to get my P90 done in the morning so I can run or bike at night. This has not been going to well. But you know me, if I am dissatisfied, I will find a way to put parameters and rules in place to get what done what I want to get done.

Saturday through Wednesday, I P90X and cardio. Thursday is solely for P90X and Friday is just cardio. I know that I need rest days, but resting isn’t in the cards until January 1st. Sweet, sweet January 1st.

Did I tell you what’s happening January 1st? Nothing! Nothing is happening January 1st. No miles, no lifting, no Tony whatshisname making me do hard things. Just sweet, sweet bliss. By the time you read this on Wednesday, I will have 146 days of the year left and only 50 days of P90X left.

How else should I celebrate? Would it be awesome if I started the year with a other round of P90X? I’m considering it.


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  1. Is your heart rate raised in your strength training? Are you breathing harder? If the answer is yes, then you are still getting a cardio workout — better than a half-hour leisurely recumbent bike ride.

    You will rest between now and January 1. The question is just: will you choose to rest or will your body choose for you?

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