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P90X is no joke. I’ve completed one month and as much as I complain… I’m kind of loving it. I’m already contemplating doing another 90 days after my first 90 days is up. After a break of course.

I am definitely noticing a difference, particularly in my arms. My legs are coming along nicely. I’m still really disappointed in my stomach. I just can’t figure out how to get that to go away. It’s quite annoying actually.

I’m still struggling with the weight loss portion of life. I’ve definitely hit a plateau and I am working hard to stay away from the d-word (discouraged). That’s something I struggle with every single time that scale goes up. I’ve previously acknowledged that I know that weight fluctuates but I can’t help but get super frustrated. Then I start beating myself up for things I’ve eaten within the last two days.

The thing is, I’m generally a good eater. Lots of fruit and chicken. I could stand to add more veggies to my diet. I don’t dislike vegetables, they just seem more high maintenance than fruits.

Maybe that’s my new goal. I need to up the vegetable intake. Any suggestions on quick and easy veggies that I can premake and last a couple of days? Items to note – I don’t eat bell peppers, they have a gross after taste. And I don’t eat curly leaf spinach or whole green beans. Don’t ask why, I could not begin to explain it to you. I’m just an odd duck.


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  1. Posted by Dan Hankins on 1 August 2012 at 08:22

    I’ve struggled with weight my entire adult life, and only four times have I had any success in getting it off.

    First was when I was young and still producing HGH and testosterone – exercise worked that time. I eventually stopped because circumstances interfered with running five miles a day.

    Second was the first time I went low carb, which I stopped doing because I was doing it wrong – I treated it as a temporary diet, and I kept trying to find substitutes for the bread and sweets I was giving up, which maintained my taste for them.

    Third was chemotherapy followed by semi-starvation, the latter of which can never work as a sustained weight maintenance strategy. Work stress killed that one.

    Fourth is what I’m doing now – low carb again, but doing it smarter. I’m treating it as a lifestyle instead of a temporary diet, not looking for low-carb simufoods, and eating plenty of fiber-rich, non-starchy, non-sweet, nutritious vegetables.

    I could make an argument as to how this is how we’re meant to eat, and modern foods bred for higher starch and sugar content are making our bodies fat, but instead I’ll leave a link for a starting point:

    • Posted by Dan Hankins on 1 August 2012 at 08:49

      P.S. I’m not selling anything, nor do I have any affiliation with My parents both have health issues because of their weight, and my sister died this year of complications from diabetes, so I am highly motivated to make this work. Also, it’s worth noting that with this lifestyle I don’t have to starve myself, nor suffer through the bouts of high and low blood sugar (and hunger) that come with eating wheat, potatoes, rice, corn, sugar, and the like.

    • Posted by Dan Hankins on 1 August 2012 at 10:18

      P.P.S. Almost any vegetable, blanched, then tossed with plenty of butter, lemon, garlic, other herbs/spices and a few drops of lemon juice will be delicious and will last a couple of days. Of course, they’re better right out of the pan…

      If you can’t bear the thought of butter, then olive oil is okay. You may want to add some mushrooms or fish sauce to give the dish that extra bit of of umami deliciousness.

  2. Over here it’s summer squash and zucchini season. The trick with those is to buy smaller ones. No larger than a cucumber size. The larger they get the more mealy they become. For the kids and I, I’ll slice them thin and we’ll eat them raw dipped in some light ranch dressing. You can slice up a bunch and snack on those. For a easy hot veggie dish, if you have a grill, cut up some of the squash and zucchini with onions. Add fresh ginger, salt, pepper, and garlic (powder or fresh minced), Put into a foil packet with non-stick spray (or high temp oil like canola) and cook on a medium grill for 15ish minutes, turning once. It’s really yummy and no guilt with it. PS – If anyone mentions kale chips, they are on crack. They are disgusting and in no way resemble a potato chip. I’ve also burned them every time I’ve tried to make them.

    • Posted by nicholh on 1 August 2012 at 08:36

      I’m with you on the kale chips. Yuck! The only person in my house who has anything to do with kale is Weasley, but he is a tortoise with bad taste.

      But the zucchini and summer squash sounds great. I will definitely be trying that!

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