P90X and beyond

Nichol will need someone to take dictation for the next 80 days. Or learn to type with her tongue. Ew.

Day 11 as of the moment you are reading this. Is that P90X intense or what?

My whole body hurts. I think maybe that’s a literal statement. Let me check… Yup. My whole body hurts, LITERALLY.

Some of the videos are great and I feel super pumped (Kenpo, legs, arms) and some make me want to kick Tony and all other people right in the throat. (Tony is the guy who annoys me through each P90X video.)

I haven’t seen many muscly results, although I have noticed that I am able to do a little more this second week, which is encouraging. And my sister reports that she can see slight tricep definition when I flex. And since arms are one of my main concerns (abs are the other), I’m feeling okay about keeping this train going.

Most people I talk to have made it to week 4 or 5 and then stopped. I’m all about finishing what I start (usually) so I’m not sure I’ll be stopping at that point. But who knows? Maybe I’ll be so ripped and awesome by week 4, I won’t need to finish! That would be sweet.

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