Babies Test Positive For Pot?

Article summary: there are at least five baby soaps that are linked to babies testing positive for marijuana in urine tests.

While this raises quite a few questions or concerns, one in particular is my target today:

How’d it get in the babies’ urine?

There are a whole lot of people who think I’m wackadoo for making my own shampoo and deodorant, for not using lotion or wearing makeup. While the lotion and makeup already just happened to be in my (lazy) routine, the homemades were intentional. It goes back to my “control what I reasonably can” philosophy.

There is a lot of garbage in personal care products. Much of that garbage isn’t harmless garbage. The industry is unregulated. It’s up to consumers to 1- know there are toxic chemicals in these products and 2- search for products that are safe for themselves and their families.

Regardless of what the ingredient is that causes the positive tests, this is what’s happening:

A baby is washed with soap and then rinsed off. Contact time with the soap is easily measured in minutes and is completely external.

Something in the soap is being absorbed through the skin, being processed (or not) by the body, and being excreted through urine.

Are you getting this? Something in a product that is 100% topical and is rinsed off is being absorbed into the body.

What’s in your soap? Or worse, what’s in your deodorant (which you leave on all day)? Or your lotion?

The Environmental Working Group has a database of hundreds (thousands?) of personal care products, where they break down the ingredients and give each a score based on their safety. I love EWG’s work (and am not paid to say that; I don’t think they even know who I am ;)). You can see their cosmetics database here.

I’m not trying to be alarmist, but I think people should know what they’re doing to themselves to they can choose whether or not it’s something they want to do. (Actually, I think toxic products shouldn’t be available…) There are non-toxic products out there. Typically, they cost more (though if you’re going the homemade route for cleansers, it’s WAY cheaper). If the majority of people were concerned and spoke with their wallets, we wouldn’t need to do extra work to find good stuff because that’s what would be available.

In the US, money is what drives everything. If we want change, we need to speak in dollars.

Is this disconcerting to you at all?

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