Meatless Meals (I Wish) My Mother Made

I must admit that for new recipes, I’m diggin’ Pinterest. That’s where I found today’s little bit of healthy tastiness: watermelon frosty!

The recipe actually comes from Healthy Happy Life, where they also give instructions for making it a margarita. No ‘ritas here.

I bought a watermelon and had planned to just snack on half of it and freeze half of it for this recipe, but turned out not to be a great melon, so I chopped and froze the whole thing. Learn from my mistake: if you chop up a watermelon, put all the pieces in a bowl and stick it in the freezer, you end up with one large block of watermelon pieces all frozen together.

That said, this was so easy:

  • 2-1/4 cups frozen cubed watermelon
  • 1/2 cup water (I bet coconut water would be good, but I didn’t actually try it)
  • juice from one lemon
  • 1 fresh banana

Put it all in a blender. That’s it! The original also suggested that juice from two limes would also be tasty. I’d like to try that.

Obviously, if you don’t like watermelon, you’re not going to like this recipe. I didn’t taste any banana, but I like bananas. If you really don’t like bananas, you might be able to taste it? I also tried it the other day just watermelon and water, and this recipe was far superior.

Also, unrelated, today’s post is the last one with “Meatless Meals…” as the title. In the future, I’ll include the title of the recipe in the title of the post. More user-friendly. If I have insomnia and need something mindless to do, I’ll go back and change the rest of them … but don’t count on it.

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