I’m Back!

Wednesday + Nichol = blog post!

I’m back. Physically. Mentally, I am very much still on vacation.

I’m feel okay with how my healthy lifestyle fared in vacation. I ate things that I don’t ordinarily eat, but it was definitely in moderation. I ate French fries, and dipped them in ranch dressing. I ate a burger. But the most sinful thing I had? Chicken parmesan. My favorite Italian food meal and a ridiculous load of cheese and sauce and pasta and. . . my mouth is watering.

As for my mile, I got it in everyday. We walked a lot on vacation, as my family invariably does. I definitely got in more than my fair share of miles last week.

I don’t have any amazing updates or new parameters I’ve set on myself. Right now, it’s really more about making sure I get back into eating and miles ASAP. I don’t want any leftover vacation eating sneaking up on me.

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