Vacation time!

It’s Wednesday. That means Nichol has some stuff to say.

Wasn’t my last post sweet? I was in an unpleasant mood and I had nothing nice to say. You can probably figure out where I’m going with this.

So by this time next week, I will be in Pennsylvania, probably in a rental car with my siblings. Getting yelled at by my parents because we are adults and should know better than to yell and scream while they are trying to concentrate on the road.

I did some lazy walking stuff up until Friday, but I’ve been sucking it up this week and trying to go hard because of vacation. I will try to run or bike in addition to the miles of walking my family seems to do when we go out of town, but I know that won’t always be possible.

I have also made a promise to still be very mindful of my eating. I went to Black Angus on Saturday for my Gram’s birthday and went crazy on the bread. Man, is bread freaking delicious or what?

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks, but I’m so close to the 50% mark. I have been having more “what a dumb idea” days than “I’m a healthy genius” days so I’m also using my mindfulness to remember what I’m trying to accomplish.

Last year, despite my healthy life style change, it was so easy to fall off the exercise bandwagon. After these 366 (Leap year!) days are done, my greatest hope is that I have developed a habit. I’m going to be so used to working out, I’ll feel weird if I don’t. I can already tell you that it won’t be daily. And I’ll probably take the first couple days of 2013 off, but I hope that I’ll never go more than two days without some form of exercise.

And so friends, I am off to do something. Probably clean my room and try to start packing my suitcase. Don’t be too sad that I’m gone, just picture me photo bombing my sisters in the solemnity of the Gettysburg battle field.

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