In A Typical Day…….

While there is a growing number of like-minded people (like-minded to me, that is), there are still a LOT of people who think I am a bit wackadoo for my avoidance of toxins.

This is the thing: I know that I can’t avoid all of them. I know that I don’t always try to avoid them. So the rest of the time, I do due diligence to avoid to the best of my ability.

Any one of these things is probably not going to kill me. But there are hundreds of contacts with toxic chemicals every day.

One of my favorite quotes — though I don’t know who it should be attributed to — fits this situation perfectly:

Every snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.

This works wonders for us in making small changes and turning our lives around for the better. Unfortunately, it’s also true in reverse.

In a typical day, here’s what you might encounter:

  • flame retardants in your mattress, pillow, couch, chairs, carpets
  • antibiotics and hormones in your dairy and meat
  • synthetic estrogen in your water bottle, shopping receipts and microwave-in-container foods
  • air pollution
  • pesticides in your produce
  • pesticides in your processed foods (GMO soy and corn are used in the myriad of soy and corn products listed as ingredients in the majority of processed foods available. The modifications lead to more pesticide use.)
  • a myriad of toxic chemicals in your processed foods (natural flavors, natural colors, artificial flavors, and artificial colors are all chemicals)
  • toxic chemicals in your soap, shampoo, lotion, make-up, shaving cream, toothpaste, deodorant/antiperspirants
  • toxic chemicals in your clothes, either from what they’re made from, what they’re dyed with, what they’re washed in, or what they’re dried with (extra for dry-cleaned clothes)
  • toxic chemicals from your cookware, food storage containers, can linings, and microwaveable cook-in-the-packaging dishes (TV dinners, steam-in-bag veggies, microwave popcorn, etc.)
  • toxic chemicals in the air and/or dust in your house from synthetic-fiber and laminate furniture
  • toxic chemicals in household cleaners and air fresheners

I’m sure there are some I missed, but you have the idea? There’s a nice chart here, detailing some of the chemicals, what they’re in, and why they’re problematic. This page has a photo with some similar information on it. Here is an article about how many of these chemicals cause or aggravate allergies, which is good news — you can do a lot more about the chemicals in your home than about pollen, ragweed and dust.

I can’t avoid them all. I don’t obsess because I can’t avoid them. But I do what I can. I’m changing my home environment in small steps. Glass and stainless steel instead of plastic. Real wood instead of laminate. Non-toxic or less toxic homemade cleaners. Organic food.

Some things I change as they become financially feasible. Some (simply?) require a change of mindset.

Here is a link to an article: The 3 Biggest Sources of Chemicals in Your Home. This would be a great place to start if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.

What about you? Which do you avoid? Which do you want to avoid? Which do you not care about?


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