New Goals

It’s Wednesday so Nichol is going to create new goals and a whole bunch of rules to go with them.

So I’ve decided to add to my life adventure. I’m always coming up with new things I think I should do. Some have been a struggle (mindful eating) and some have been a struggle but a success (mile a day).

And now my life transformation continues. I have three areas if my life I’ve yet to really work on that I am going to start taking care of. Let me share them with you.

1. Emotions
I have always been aware that I have mental/emotional issues that I’ve never addressed, as most, if not all, of us do. No real psychiatric stuff, just general things that come up here and there that I make jokes about or ignore. The first is my relationship with food. Although I eat healthy, I still have automatic mental and physical reactions when I’m upset. I want to eat. This is because when I’m “emotionally eating” I don’t have to think about my emotions. I have to get past that or it’s going to bite me in the butt someday. The second is just random family stuff, daddy issues, communication, etc… So I’m shopping for a therapist. I work in an office with about four of them, but it’s not really the same thing.

2. Finances
I suck at managing my money. Even when I’m not shopping, I still don’t seem to have enough. First stop is Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey. I have a large number of friends who have been following Dave’s advice and I’ve read a lot about him, so I registered.

3. Smoking
This is going to be the hardest habit of all to kick. I am aiming for my 33rd birthday, but mistakes will be allowed until the end of this year. But I have a taper down method all ready to start on June 1st. I think this may be the most challenging thing I do.

I have also been dissatisfied with the slowness that the weight is coming off. I need to kick my mile up a notch, but at the same time start giving my legs a more significant rest period. I will be biking two days a week, slow walking one to two days a week, and running the other days. Running days will have breaks in between them but will gradually increase in distance, not counting warm-up and cool down. (I really like parameters. I’m like to be specific so I know what I expect.) I have made three specific categories on my iCal and will have to schedule these activities. Plus! The hiking will continue for at least one day a week. I count this as running. So for instance May 14 through May 20 will look like this:
Monday: run/walk (it was so hot) 1.25m
Tuesday: bike 30 minutes
Wednesday: hiking
Thursday: slow walk
Friday: run/walk 1.25
Saturday: bike 30 minutes
Sunday: run 1.25m

I’m crazy. You can say it.


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on 16 May 2012 at 10:44

    actually, you’re awesome : ) Rock on with your goals! I’d say good luck but I guess its not about that. You got this!

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