Give A Penny, Take A Penny


I have a recipe for you tomorrow and will be back to regular posting on Monday, but today I’m writing on behalf of a few others.

There are three folks I know of who are in unfortunate circumstances. I want to give you a little synopsis about them, and provide the opportunity for you to read more and donate to any of their causes.

Vanessa: for her daughter

Vanessa’s daughter was born with hydrocephalus which resulted in cerebral palsy and blindness. (I did some googling when I first heard that, too.) She has been accepted into a stem cell transplant program and is raising money for the trip and procedures. (For those wary of stem cells, these are harvested from umbilical cord blood.)

To learn more about their journey and to make a donation, go here.

Jonathan: for his late teammate’s wife and kids

Jonathan has become interested in endurance sports — triathlon, to be specific — in the last couple of years. As part of his training, has participated in shorter events, including the Philadelphia marathon in November. During that race, Chris, a friend and Ironman teammate died a quarter of a mile before the finish line.

Jonathan and his friend Paul are having a “Battle of Broad Street” — a “may the best man win” competition full of trash talk in this weekend’s Broad Street Run. The write-up in the local paper is here.

You can go to to “bet” on Jonathan or Paul. All proceeds go to Chris’s wife and children.

Michelle: for her cancer treatments

Michelle is a friend who guest posted here a couple of months ago for Colon Cancer Awareness Month. She is a tireless advocate for cancer awareness, detection, and prevention for both colon cancer and cancer in the young adult community. Her cancer was in remission for four years.

Ironically, during Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Michelle’s cancer returned in new places. Contemporary American health insurance what it is, medical bills are a concern.

For more information and to help Michelle and her family take care of their medical bills, there is a donation page here.

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