Its Wednesday. Nichol Is about to throw down some words for you to read.

As a student of social work and an employee working within a strengths based system, I hear a lot about being mindful. Usually being in regards to myself, staying present and nonjudgmental with my client, being aware of my thoughts, feelings, and potential biases. This is admittedly very difficult.

I was using Facebook on my desktop the other day, which I rarely do, and one of the “customized” ads caught my eye. It was an advertisement for a place that teaches mindful eating. I was definitely intrigued. I like being mindful. And Lord knows I sure like to eat, so I googled mindful eating.

This is an actual practice. They have centers. And workshops. And seminars. And books. And endless websites and PDFs about how to practice mindful eating.

Mindful eating (as defined in the article Mindful Eating , by Dr. Jan Chozen Bays) is

Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating and drinking, both inside and outside the body.

I decided to try some mindful eating and see what happens. There was a ton of information on how to accomplish it, but I’m too busy to sit with an apple slice in my mouth and think about my thoughts before chewing…(actual step one in one of the articles I read). So I am just taking the idea of mindful eating and make it my own.

Turns out, it’s a lot harder than it looks. I tried to remember to put my fork down between every bite, but when I’m sitting in front of my computer, TV, or current book, I don’t think about my eating. Is that irony? I just eat.

New plan is to eat with no distractions. I will eat without TV or computers or books in front of me, at least once a day. I read a lot of studies that say mindful eating allows you to feel when you really are full. I’ve only accomplished one meal without distractions. It was a measured out meal and I wasn’t able to finish it. Crazy!

It also took me a long time to eat. Wonder how my dining out companions are going to feel about that.

This weeks pic is from DAY 100!

[Heather’s note: you can read more about eating mindfully here … and click through the links in that post to see all remaining posts where I talked about some aspect of eating mindfully. Those posts are pretty old. Perhaps I should revisit…]

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