Change Is Relative

I’ve been thinking about this recently: I wonder if it’s been easier for me than it (apparently) is for some others to be getting older (physically) because I was never a skinny hottie when I was young.

I was always chubby as a kid and as a teen, except for basketball season my freshman year of high school. And I was downright fat in college.

By the time I moved to Arizona, any clothes I might have still had left from high school didn’t fit any more — they were too big. And at my trimmest, I was another 10 or 15 pounds slimmer than that.

But that all happened in my late 20s/early 30s.

Same thing is true of physical fitness. I wasn’t a great athlete growing up. (Ninth grade was my last year of basketball and softball.) My motto became “run when chased.” So as I got in shape and started running and biking and swimming and lifting, I was easily lapping the “old me.”

What about you? have you found it difficult to be getting older physically? Any hints as to why or why not?

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