The Best Conversation I Had This Week

Today’s prompt was to write about the best conversation I had this week in dialogue form.

I’m going to twist that up a bit, not use dialogue form, and use “best” ironically.

The Big Man and I were in the Big Box Baby store, picking up a few things that we couldn’t find used. (Used is the way to go for almost all things baby!)

We were in the high chair/bouncy seat section, and a woman came up to us and commented on how beautiful The Kid is. (Thanks 🙂 ) She kept talking, and we ended up in conversation for about five minutes. She was pointing out all of the items in that area that she had purchased for her grandson. Apparently, he refuses all of them.

“I’ve spent thousands of dollars and he won’t use any of them.”

Besides leaning more and more towards a more minimalist lifestyle (for a variety of reasons), we didn’t buy a few chairs and a bouncy seat and an exersaucer and a swing and on and on because we were told by many people that babies are picky about what you can toss them into. Some love a swing; others hate it. And the same goes for all of those “must haves.” So we bought one vibrating chair, and that’s all. (And so far, it has gotten the job done just fine.)

Why is this ironic?

She was in that section looking for something to buy him for Easter.

(She pointed to a section of items and asked if we had any of them. I said no, but that if he doesn’t like anything she buys, she should just go with the cheapest one. She laughed and said that was smart. I didn’t say anything further, but “smart” would have been to buy him some books or toys or clothes or something that he was more likely to like. Or buy him nothing. He’s The Kid’s age — he has no idea if the Easter bunny came or not…)

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