I Write About My Health Because…

Today’s prompt in the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge is to write about why I write about my health.

For me, it’s pretty simple: I hope to educate, inspire, assist.

My path started a long time ago, in a long-gone body with a remarkably different diet. Small changes led to more small changes led to more small changes. A few big changes got tossed in. My body changed. My diet changed. My mindset changed. As all of this happened, I became more aware of and connected to information about health and wellness. As I became (and continue to become) more aware, I made more changes. And so it cycles.

I know other people who want to make changes, or who are already on the path and want to continue.

I hope that what I write is useful at least some of the time for my audience. I endeavor to share things that I find interesting or infuriating (or both), things that I think are useful, things that in any way catch my attention.

In small part, I hope to bring a little business to my business, but that really is secondary.

My readership is small but growing. People are interested.

Not only does this blog allow me to share things I’ve experienced, read, or otherwise learned, but it allows me to learn via feedback from readers. (Thanks, commenters!)

That’s why I’m here. Why are you here?

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