What Are Carbs?

I didn’t like the prompt for today, so I’m skipping it and doing my own thing!

It is distressing to me how many people have recently talked to me about cutting carbs out of their diet in a conversation that went something like this:

them: I really need to cut carbs out of my diet.

me: I’m really not on board with that, but cutting out breads, pastas, and processed carbs like that might be a good idea.

them: What else is there?

me: Fruit and many vegetables.

them: Really? Fruit? Huh. No, I meant bread and stuff like that.

So I’m taking the opportunity today to tell you that “carbs” include a lot of food that is very healthy that you should definitely eat, including fruit.

Carbs are one of the macronutrients. (Protein and fat are the other two.)

Notice how all three are “problematic” according to someone’s fad diet?

All three are essential in your diet and serve vital functions in your body. All can be found in natural, whole foods.

Unless you have a medical condition that would indicate otherwise, you don’t want a low-macronutrient diet, you want a balanced diet. But balance it with real food.

This website has a nice little graphic that might be eye-opening for anyone who is a little fuzzy on macronutrients. If you enter a food into the search box, it gives you a ton of nutrition information about that food: nutrition facts (like a label on a box), how filling it is vs. how nutritious it is, what its macronutrient composition is, nutrient balance, protein score, etc.

So for example, a hard-boiled egg, which we all know is “protein” is 3% carb, 62% fat, and 35% protein. It has high protein quality (based on how much of each amino acid it contains) but no dietary fiber.

If you want to keep track of your vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, calories, etc., etc., this might be a great resource for you. I looked up some foods that I eat often, and they’re not all in their database, but there were close comparable items. (For example, I usually boil sweet potatoes with the skin on, but boiled without skin was the only option.)

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