299 Days Left!

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is from Nichol.

So my sub-goal this month was to shove running down my own throat. The first two days of the month that I actually went in with the intention of running, annoying people were on the treadmills. I hate sharing.

It’s still my goal though. No backing down. I have actually added two sub-sub-goals for this month.

1. Start with the water again. I never quit drinking water, and it’s still my main source of liquid intake, but I’ve been drinking less everyday and I have noticed a huge difference. I have been okay at not drinking Peace Tea during the week and trying to limit those to once a weekend, but I just don’t pay much attention to my water intake. I am still working on only two cups of coffee a day… I need that coffee and sometimes I need it at 4 in the afternoon. Yes, NEED.

2. Meal planning. Life was so much easier when I had planned menus. I keep saying that I don’t have time to cook because of school and blah blah blah. I still don’t really eat out, but right now I’m just going to the grocery store and buying my weekly food on a whim. This means the frozen stuff disappears really quickly, the fresh fruits and veggies are spoiled by the time I get to them, and then I’m stuck with wilted celery and peanut butter sandwiches for three days. I can plan my days with minimal cooking and still eat healthy.

I also want to try and start getting some runs going in the morning. It’s not a goal yet, but a glimmer in my eye. It will be a really gradual transition and I don’t plan on having every mile be in the morning, but I am really tired at the end of the days and the earliest I usually get home on a school night is 9pm.

So here’s your pic for the week.


That’s me at about 10:30 last Thursday night. (Class was cancelled that night so I went and got all tatted up with my sisters – late mile by choice, lesson learned.)

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