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February Continues

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

I don’t really have a lot going on right now. Today is my 53rd day of mile a day. I haven’t been running. I had to back off to keep myself from getting so discouraged that I just gave up. I’ve been spending a lot of time on the stationary bike. And it’s been fantastic. Just me, free weights for my arms, the bike, and my iPad filled with a good book. It’s been a nice change of pace. I plan on getting back to the running by the end of this week, but it’s going to be a slow reintroduction.

And my Sunday mile was done on skates. So fun. I have to do more miles like that…


But as for now, I have to get back to studying. Midterm time!!

See you all next week.


Meatless Meals I’m Glad No One Has Made

Just letting y’all know … I’ve tried quite a few recipes in the last two weeks, and none of them were tasty at all.

I made almond milk a couple of different ways but haven’t gotten it to a taste and texture that I like.

I made cookies from the almond meal left over after making the milk and they were about as bland as cookies could be. (They’re now dog treats; he doesn’t care!)

I made chai from whole ingredients and from teabags/powdered ingredients, and dumped all of it down the sink.

I did make a birthday dessert for a friend that seems to have turned out pretty well. Not posting it today, as I haven’t given it to her yet and I don’t want her inadvertently to find out what it is here. If she likes it, I’ll post it next week.

I have quite a few more new recipes on the list to try. Hopefully, I’ll have one (or more!) to share with you soon!

My New Back Yard Garden!

Over the weekend, a friend of a friend — who is very much into gardening — came over and helped me build some raised beds in the back yard.

That’s a dwarf lemon tree. In the first bed are a few types of tomatoes. Will add scallions and garlic this weekend. In the second bed, we have lettuce, broccoli, kale, green beans, peas, sweet onions. In the third bed are blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.

I forgot that I have some seeds for butternut squash, so I’m going to plant a couple of those in a pot and see what happens.

If all goes well, I’d like to add in spinach, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes. Yum!

I’m hoping to do well maintaining my new gardens and get some good produce! I’m also growing some herbs in pots on the back porch.

The longer-term plan, assuming I can keep these things alive and fruit-bearing, is to surround the beds with concrete blocks (on their sides) and grow the marigolds and the herbs in the holes in the blocks.

And so the new gardening adventure begins!

Now to figure out how to keep the dog out of the beds…

February has no love for Nichol

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

Oy. Am I struggling this month. I’m still dedicated to my daily mile (you are reading this on day 45 – 321 to do), but I have had the hardest time getting into an actual run. I’ve changed locations, I’ve tried intervals, stretch before, stretch after… I just can’t seem to get my run on and it’s becoming a burden.

See, I have a problem. When I set a goal for myself, I expect it to be complete light-years before my goal. But the more I run (or struggle to run) the more frustrated I get.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I also rescind my declaration of love for the elliptical. I hate the elliptical.

New plan for this week is to walk and walk a lot. On Saturday, I walked to Sprouts, which is a little over two miles there and back. It was really nice. So my February goal is modified. I will spend this week walking at least two miles every other day and then run a mile.

Here’s the best picture of the week. I didn’t say most flattering, I said best.


A Quick Reminder

Just a quick reminder that “it only happens once a year” was used up just a couple of months ago, so you can’t use that rationalization today to throw caution to the wind and eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

(How many weeks’ worth of setback is today worth?)


What do you think of when you see or hear “addicted”?

The Merriam-Webster definition of addict is:

to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

Typically, we refer to addiction in the context of alcohol, gambling, nicotine and other drugs. Sometimes sex. Maybe coffee/caffeine.

Can you stop eating sweet/sugary foods? If there’s a plate of cookies, can you leave it alone? Or — harder for some — take just one?

Every now and then, I see an article pop up about the addictive properties of sugar.

This is Not Good, especially given how bad sugar is for you and how ubiquitous it is.

Many people indulge in sweets because they “earned it” or “deserve it.”

In my experience, if I can make a clean break from sugary foods (not including fruits here) and maintain it for a few weeks or a month, I don’t crave them any more. I can walk through the break room at work when it’s piled high with garbage from a pot luck and not even be tempted by it. It doesn’t take willpower by that point, because I don’t want it. (Getting to that point does take some willpower.)

One of the best things you could do for your health is to break your addictive relationship with sugar. Cut the artificial sweeteners, too! Real foods that are sweet (such as fruits) will taste so much better and will satisfy your sweet cravings once you can train your body to remember that it doesn’t really want the White Death.

How are you with sugar and sweet foods?

January – check

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

HA! I did it. I didn’t cheat, I didn’t fun my runs, I freaking did 31 days of (at least) one mile goodness.

I think that for the most part I have gotten into a good rhythm and have been able to read body well enough to know when I should take a one mile cool down day (I do a mile, but it’s usually a nice walk around the complex or down a street lugging a 400-lb infant). I’m counting calories again, which I have been doing since the first of January as well.

I’m down about 10 pounds and I started circuit training again. Only this time I’m doing Social Circuit with my roomie every other week.

On Tuesday night, I was not feeling well. I still need to do my mile and I considered walking to CVS for about thirty seconds to buy soup. But roomie and I also needed milk and I did not want to lug a gallon of milk that far. I opted for a quick walk to Circle K. Totally forgot to get soup…

On that note, I leave you with the photo of the week. This is me, supported by Bosu after a mile run and then 30-minute circuit training. Photography courtesy of your blog hostess, Heat.


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