Re-growing Green Onions!

I joined Pinterest. I don’t follow many people or many topics, but gardening is one of them.

I saw a pin last week that you could take green onions that have had the green cut off, plunk them in some water, and they re-grow.

I had some green onions and thought I’d give it a try.  In less than a week, this is what we have:


That long stalk was the length of the one next to it. Crazy, no?

Do you know any other little gardening tips?


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  1. Neat! I’ve always wanted to grow my own avocado plant:

  2. If you plant the bulbs in the ground, they’ll really take off, giving you a steady supply of green onions all summer long (and some small white onions at the end of the season!).

    • Thanks! Our dinner tonight called for scallions and we still had some in the fridge, so I planted them out back once we were done chopping them.

  3. Posted by charlotte on 13 March 2012 at 19:43

    Have you grown onions efobre? Is it worth it? I hadn’t thought of adding those to my garden since they’re fairly cheap, but I’m up for it if they turn out well.I try to only grow things we will really use or would normally buy. This year it’s broccoli, green beans, carrots, cabbage, zuc/squash, peppers and artichokes and maybe onions!

    • I haven’t grown anything before. It’s all a big experiment!

    • I would say growing green onions (or “bunching” onions) is definitely worth it, because you usually need only a small amount of them at a time, and they’re expensive in the store. Having a little green onion grove (even just a few square feet) is a great addition to the vegetable garden. And you can start it just the way Heather suggests–with the bottoms of storebought green onions. That’ll give you a harvest very quickly. Just make sure not to harvest too much of each plant at once, so they’ll keep growing and replenishing your stock.

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