The “Conventional” Way of Doing Things

Several conversations all happened within a few hours of each other, and they got me to thinking…

Since when is the natural way of doing things not normal?

“Is this food organic?” “No, it’s conventional.”

At some point in time, those meant the same thing. Now they don’t, and organic is the odd one out.

Not all change is progress.

There was a recent study done by the CDC on breastfeeding and vaccinations, and it turns out that breastfeeding inhibits the effectiveness of at least one vaccine. The CDC’s recommendation? Don’t breastfeed when it’s time for vaccinations.


The more I learn about breast milk and what it does to/for a baby, the more amazed I am. It’s not just food.

When I tell people I had a natural birth, many tell me I’m crazy or I’m a hero, but really, I was just trying to do things the way they ought to be done. (OK, and I didn’t want an enormous needle in my spine.) There certainly is a place for intervention, and sometimes it’s necessary because things don’t always go the way they’re supposed to. (Often, the early interventions are what cause the later interventions, but that’s another post for another time.) But intervention is definitely the norm.

We’re so far from natural in so many ways. Sometimes it’s progress, but many times, it’s not.

Does it bother you? Can you think of other examples?

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