Happy New Year!

Another year draws to a close — my first full year on this blog! (I started in March 2010.)

I debated what to do with this post. Quite a few blogs have had a “Best of 2011” post showing up this week. The posts I tend to enjoy the most are often not the posts that get the most feedback or the most hits, so I’m not sure I would do well in putting that sort of a roundup together.

Instead, just a few thoughts:

For 2011 — thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for sharing. Blogs are just words in space without readers, and comments and shares are the most tangible ways that I know that you’re reading. Regardless, thanks for hanging around this little corner of the ‘net. If you like what you read, let others know.

For 2012 — I have some ideas to organize the myriad of topics here. I’m not sure I’m going to follow through — I don’t necessarily do well with that much organization — but I’m thinking…

Oh — and tomorrow, there will be a new recipe posted 🙂

Fare-the-well, 2011! You have served me well. Looking forward to greatness in 2012!

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