Make Your Health and Fitness Resolution Stick

As I mentioned the other day, I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions. That said, I know zillions of people — including some of my faithful readers — are going to make them, so let’s talk about them for a minute.

Many people have “get in shape” as a New Year resolution. For a variety of reasons, most of those people fail.

Let’s break it down so if this is your resolution, you can have more success.

Is your goal specific enough? What does “get in shape” mean to you? Get skinny? (It’s easy to be skinny and not in shape, by my definitions.) Run a 5K? Eat healthier food? (What specific foods do you want to get rid of or add?) Gain strength? Gain endurance? How much? How quickly?

Without very specific goals, how will you know if you’re getting closer to them?

Is your goal realistic? In the realm of health and fitness, I’m a fan of setting goals too low and then meeting (or exceeding) them and adjusting from there.

How are you going to accomplish it? What are the options available and which one (or combination of several) are you going to use? Do you have or need someone to help, like a coach, a trainer, your spouse, or a workout buddy?

Why is this a goal? Do you want to look better? Fit into specific clothes? Be able to chase the kids? Race with a neighbor? Just feel more energetic in general? Stave off health problems? If there is no compelling “why,” you’re not going to do it.

Hope that helps!

If you’re looking for external motivation, Second Chance FitCenter will soon be offering the Month-to-Month Accountability Groups online.


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  1. Nice article, I agree, its far too easy to break a resolution when it wasn’t specific enough in the first place. Set some goals and a pathway to acheiving them and give yourself some milestones.

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