Sometimes, Change Is Sad

I received a letter in the mail yesterday from my oncologist (who The Big Man and I refer to as “Fast Jack”), letting me know that as of December 29, he is retiring.

Good for him!

While I don’t see him often (I’m at every six months at this point; this time next year, I’ll be down to annual visits), he has been a great doctor for me and I am grateful for his expertise.

I happen to have my six-month appointment with him tomorrow. Glad I’ll be able to see him once more before he takes off. Glad he’ll be able to meet The Kid.

Thanks, Fast Jack. I’m glad to have ridden this bus with you.

I’d like to give him a token of appreciation. Any suggestions? Maybe just a note and a family picture? It’s not often that patients there go on to have children…


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  1. Why not have someone take a picture of you, The Kid and Fast Jack together and then have it printed as a notecard and write a thank you letter? Just a spin on your thought.

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