My Next Body Transformation Journey

The time has come! I had my six-week appointment earlier this week and everything checked out OK. That means I am cleared to exercise again! Hooray!

I haven’t done much exercise in a long time — nothing at all for the last six weeks — so I know my fitness level is quite a bit lower than it used to be. I have done the starting over thing before (see: blot clot during chemo), and I can do it again.

Both times that my exercise habits were interrupted, there was a big ol’ something growing in me that we were looking to get rid of. They were, of course, vastly different and we got rid of them in significantly different ways, but the similarities in side effects of pregnancy and chemo were not lost on me. (Most came and went in the first trimester, thankfully.)

So today, I begin! With what? Spin!

I LOVE spinning. There is an instructor at my gym who runs an amazing class. I haven’t been to it in so long (it hurt to sit on the spin bikes long before the rest of my body didn’t like it). It’s going to whoop my butt, and I might not be able to keep up, but I anticipate it will feel AMAZING to be back with my peeps in Walt’s class.

And tomorrow, my legs and butt will hurt like anything. And I will be happy 🙂

I’m not sure what realistic expectations for weight loss are, so I’m not going to set goals in that area just yet. I will say that when I weighed myself this morning, I was at 144 — 20 pounds over where I was when I found out I was pregnant. My goal weight is actually between 115 and 120, but more important than the number, I just don’t want to be jiggly. So if my upper arms and butt are firm, I’m a happy girl, regardless of what the scale says.

Shorter term goal than that is just to fit into my pants again. I don’t have many pants that I can wear right now.

I’ll check in here every now and then and keep you up-to-date on how the latest adventure goes.

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