Accountability And Motivation

Today’s post is not from Nichol, even though it’s Wednesday.

I just started a couple of accountability groups through Second Chance FitCenter. This is the premise: A person (let’s call him Joe) shows up at the first meeting. Joe pays $20. I talk to Joe (and the rest of the group) a bit about habits, goal-setting, etc. Each person talks about what it is they’d like to change (long-term and short-term, as applicable) and each person sets a goal for the month. There are optional meetings the rest of the month for anyone who wants to check-in more often than once a month. If, at the next month’s meeting, Joe reports that he has met his goal, he gets his $20 back (or he can roll it over into the next month and set a new goal). If not, he doesn’t get his $20, but he can put up a new $20 and try again if he’d like. It’s a one-month commitment and, if he does what he says he’s going to do, it’s free.

I thought of this because so many people want or need a little extra accountability, a little external something to nudge them on. In these groups, there is the social, peer-pressure component, and there is the monetary component.

I am excited to see how it works out.

There are some things in my life that I have needed an external push for, and some that I could just push myself. Most things were a combination: I was up and going, then hit a slump and needed a push, then was up and going again. Or I needed a push to get going and then was fine.

The other thing about this group that I am excited about is your goals can be any healthy-lifestyle-related thing. It doesn’t have to be weight loss, which is the focus of most (all?) in-person groups.

I am working on the logistics of a virtual group as well.

How are you with motivating yourself? Do you need external accountability? Where do you get it?

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