My Back!

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

I have back issues. My lower back has been giving me problems off and on for the last two months. I didn’t run for about three days because it was killing me. I went to Urgent Care in October. They have me really good drugs. It helped (A LOT) but it didn’t solve the problem.

Rachel and I were running about a week ago, and Maddy the dog

gave my back a really good tug as she tried to chase the neighborhood skunk.
That took me out of the game for a day. Then on Thanksgiving, Rachel and I ran across a busy street used the crosswalk appropriately and it went wonky again.

I have received a lot of suggestions, mostly about seeing a chiropractor. I’m not sure a chiropractor is what I need and I haven’t really bothered to look up the exact nature of their practice. I am going to do my own treatment first. Starting with twice daily lower back stretches. I will also use my 90-minute massage Groupon.

I could blame Maddy

20111127-190140.jpg but who could blame that beautiful face. She lives to run, and She lives to chase things that interest her (lizards, cats, skunks).

I started running again on Sunday, and it felt really good when we were done. I did have to go considerably slower at certain times, but I think that Heat is right, No Pain, No Gain.

Now don’t laugh, but I have also ordered Healing Back Pain by Dr. John Sarno (of the psychosomatic diagnosis, tension myositis syndrome) after doing some reading about back pain (yes, including Howard Stern’s recommendation).

Back pain has been an ongoing problem for me for a long time. I was in a pretty nasty car accident when I was about 20. I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt and had a pinched nerve in my neck and two rotated discs in my lower back. I did physical therapy but my back has given me problems off and on since then. This has also crossed my mind as a cause.

Do any of you deal with the same problem? How do you work with it? I’m taking all comments and suggestions.


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  1. The brain controls the body via the nervous system. If there is an interference your body might produce symptoms like pain or other issues (muscle spasms, imbalance, etc). Pinched nerves in your neck would be pinched by what? Possibly the transforaminal ligaments in the intervertebral foramen due to misalignment of the spine (which house and protect the central nervous system).

    Disc issues tend to occur after abnormal stresses in that area, and chiropractors are shown to be more effective and cost effective with back pain (although pain isn’t our main focus) than other routes in the literature. And chiropractic is safe… Afterall what we pay in malpractice insurance is a minute fraction of a medical doctor.

    I have no back pain, headaches, and haven’t been sick in a long time. My kids are also adjusted and are never sick. You are working on eating better and moving better. How about making sure your nervous system can do its job better by letting a chiropractor check you? It just makes sense.

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