One week later…

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

First things first: happy birthday to my second to last little sister (the 8th) and to my mom (the 9th)!

My tri post last week was LAME. Sorry about that. I wrote it the same day and then spent some time recuperating. Hope you didn’t feel too gypped. Let me take you back a week or so and be a little more descriptive.

So the three or so days before, I had a constant feeling of nausea and dread. The morning of the tri was awful. I woke up around 3:45, even though I set the alarm for 4:15. Probably the first time in my life I didn’t hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times. I was relatively okay as I was getting ready. Braided my hair, worried about a swim cap, drank some coffee, just stayed busy. I was really emotional as the time got closer. I cried when my sister didn’t get up to go with me, but my best friend (20 years and counting) come over and we left.

As long as I was doing something I was ok. Setting the bike up, thinking about the pool water, chit chatting with participants and spectators, that kept me occupied. My friend Tracy was participating in the maxi, and it was nice to have someone there, doing it with me, and who had done it before. I got teary again during the race meeting and then the kids were off and swimming.

I spent about 20 minutes hopping from foot to foot, and my mom made the very astute observation: “are you a little nervous, Nichol?”

Aside from Tracy, and Janna (the aforementioned best friend), my mom, dad, and youngest sister were there. I also had two other fine ladies there, one was armed with a very fancy camera. Thank god I didn’t see that until I was in the pool.

I did almost drown in the pool. I had to stand up and cough a ton of water out. And to the lady who said “oh, it feels like bathwater”? I am going to punch you right in your esophagus. That water was COLD. Bathwater, my ass. Coldness and near drowning aside, I swam a quarter of a mile in 6:10. I was banking on 15. I think at least a minute of that was trying to get up the ladder at the end.

The bike was good. 8 miles on a mountain bike was good for me, not so much for my butt cheeks. The only truly awful part of the biking was Brown Road. You would never know it in a car, but on a bike the very subtle incline was very noticeable and killer. 80th St and Adobe was great. I was cruising. Biking was done in 57:29. Totally what I was expecting due to my snail like biking abilities.

And let’s all give a big thank you to the triathlon gods that kept me on my feet as I tried my rolling/running bike dismount. I knew that was a mistake but I couldn’t help myself. My legs turned all jello-y under me but then I saw Trish’s big damn paparazzi camera and knew that she would gleefully take 100 pictures of me on the ground. (I would not have been offended, I would have made them Facebook profile pics).

Then I ran. Well, I did take my sweet time putting my bike away, but then I walked. Yup, walked a good portion of what should have been a run. Half mile. Usually that’s nothing but after swimming and biking, my legs didn’t want to do anything. I performed my sad little jog/stroll in the beginning but I picked up my pace when I realized people were waiting for me and it would be time to eat pancakes…a lot of pancakes. My run was 9:38.

Overall time was 1:13:17. I was anticipating 1:45:00 so I was pleased.

And the million dollar question: to do or not to do another triathlon?

Quick and dirty answer? Nope. Of course! Especially if people continue to buy me breakfast food afterwards.


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  1. DO another!! If you do another, it will only get easier!! I promise you that!

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