Two Quick Running Tips

The weather has cooled off here in Phoenix. As a result, many more joggers at more skill levels are seen at all times of day.

There are two mistakes I consistently want the slower (newer?) runners to adjust:

Relax your shoulders

We have a tendency to raise our shoulders all the time, but particularly when we’re engaged in something physical … like running. A long time ago, I posted about shoulders here.

Swing your arms front to back

When you walk or run, your arms help give you momentum. I see quite a few joggers swinging their arms across their bodies. Let your arms swing front to back without crossing in front of your body. That way, they are helping you move in the direction you are trying to move. It will also stop you from twisting your upper body so much. Why expend energy on useless motion?

Two very do-able things for all fitness and skill levels. Try them and let me know if you notice a difference!

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