This Week In Pregnancy: Week 40

The “magical day” has come and gone – The Kid was due October 15.

What is interesting to me is how many people believe it is a firm date. Several have asked me what my “new due date” is. Others have asked other versions of the same thing, such as, “So when are they expecting him to come?”

I’ve heard an incredible number of stories of “My/her doctor said I/she had to be induced three days after my/her due date.” Had to? What if the date was wrong? What if the kid wasn’t really ready? Due dates are estimates… One poor woman was induced three days after her due date and was in labor (from the time they started to induce) for 27 hours. 27 hours on a Pitocin drip? And the epidural didn’t work. I am a fan of natural child birth (so far, in theory), but if you’re expecting to have chemical pain management and then don’t – especially for that long – that would be awful.

Of course, there are circumstances when inducing is the right thing to do, but I don’t think it’s because of the date.

Anyway … I have another 8 days before that becomes an issue. In my mind, as long as everything looks healthy (fluid, placenta, baby), it doesn’t matter if I’m 38 weeks or 44 weeks … but The Medical Establishment disagrees, and I “risk out” of the birthing center at 42 weeks. I would be very, very sad not to at least attempt to birth the child at the birthing center, and that “deadline” coming up is giving me a bit of anxiety.

To deal with the anxiety, I have started using some affirmations again. I love affirmations and visualizations, and I had gotten stuck on “I don’t know what this is going to be like, so I don’t even know what to picture.” I don’t need a picture for an affirmation or a mantra. So I’ve been reassuring my mind that my body instinctively knows what it’s doing (my brain just needs to stay out of the way). It has helped quite a bit with regards to birthing “on time” and also the process going smoothly.

In the mean time, my belly is big. The longer the day goes on, the more I waddle, especially at work where I am on my feet a lot. (I have to laugh when people ask me if I’m walking.)

I had a fabulous massage over the weekend, compliments of my birthing center, and the pain and cramping in my leg/butt went away! Hooray! Yesterday, it came back. If this kid is still not born by Monday, I may see about another massage.

I was hoping/planning to go for acupuncture this afternoon, seeing as labor still isn’t happening, but the place that was recommended hasn’t returned my call or my e-mail. He has pretty limited hours. Hopefully by the time you read this, there will be some resolution to that.

Otherwise … things are still the same, really. I’m a bit less patient about my limited mobility and am very much looking forward to being able to sit up without needing to roll over and push up with my arms.

That’s the story. I am very much hoping that there is not another installment of “This Week In Pregnancy”!!


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  1. I just wish you a fast and safe delivery, with as little discomfort as possible. You are right, it doesn’t really matter when the baby is born, as long as you’re both healthy. And, since you carried the little one for 9 months already, few days won’t break your happiness. Can’t wait to hear about the angel and how it all went. Keeping my fingers crossed 😉

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