What is too thin? What is too big?

It’s Wednesday! Today’s post is by Nichol.

I know a lot of you out there don’t really follow celebrity culture. The problem is that they are everywhere. I was in line at the grocery store the other day and they had a picture of Christina Aguilera. I don’t really know the rules of posting pictures found on the internet and/or magazines, so there will be no photo accompanyment, unfortunatley.

Underneath this picture was the caption “Christina’s Weight Gain!” Why is this a headline? Or even newsworthy? I started to look this up on the trusty internet. To see the pictures I’m referring to, google “christina aguilera michael jackson tribute”.

I get that there is a line between too fat and too thin. Me? Fat. Christina Aguilera? In that picture? She’s definitely bigger than I’ve seen her before, yes, but is she unhealthy? She looks pretty damn good to me. And the girl can SING!

This also reminds me of a number of years ago when Lionel Richie’s daughter was doing some TV show with a hotel-owning lady (who I won’t even name) and she was getting killed constantly by the press for her body. No one ever seemed to mention that this girl had just finished rehab for a heroin addiction. She was thick! She didn’t look like a heroin addict, which I consider a plus. Six months later, she was bones. LITERALLY. It was disgusting. I know becuase I watched that stupid show and I read those stupid magazines. She looked sick. They all start to look like that. All those girls began to look like skeletons. With giant bobble heads. Then all of a sudden, the press says they are “Too Thin” or “Starving to Death”. They sure looked like it, but weren’t these the same magazines that just talked about how disgustingly fat they were?

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Britney Spears. Bubblegum pop Britney, bald Britney. I don’t care. I love that girl. I understand the position that these people put this on themselves, and that there is pressure to look good, but there is a point that it’s going to make you mental. She went mental. I get it! She has a song from her “crazy” days (it was off the Blackout (terrible, but I bought it)) and she says “I’m Mrs. she’s too big, now she’s too thin.”
That’s exactly what you see in these magazines every week in line at Fry’s.
She’s too big, she’s too thin.

I’m not going to lie. I have looked at the Lindsay Lohans of the celebrity world and envied their bodies (not to mention clothes, shoes, bank accounts) but I don’t want to look like Skeletor (google him if you weren’t a He-man watcher).

Does anyone watch Mad Men? There is a woman on that show who I am currently enamored with. She’s not fat, but she is curvy. I like that girl!

I’m no longer so delusional to believe that I should ever weigh 115 pounds (I’m 5’7) and that I know once I get to my goal weight I won’t wear a size 4. I’m ok with this. I’m more okay with the fact that I know better than to read those magazines and that I can develop a healthy body image without US Magazine or Vogue ads making me question how I look, or engage in some drastically serious means to an end.

I’ve successfully left most of those magazines behind. Well, I do read Cosmo and Vogue on occasion and I picked up the new People but that was only for the Steve Jobs article (sob).

My whole point (I have a lot of tangents going here) is how can we constantly be putting these girls on the covers of these magazines and berating them for their weight? It really makes me nauseous to think about all the time I’ve spent looking at these pictures of these supposedly fat women and wondering where that left me.

I’ve worked myself all up now. How am I ever going to sleep? Next time I see one of those “she’s too fat” covers and it’s not a picture of a 1200 pound woman, but of some 140 singer who has thighs as thick as my former arms, I’m going to turn that magazine around. Civil disobedience at its finest, if that really counts as civil disobedience.


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  1. I saw that same picture of Christina Aguillera and had the same thoughts you did.

    It would really be a bummer to be in the spotlight in a lot of ways. Sure, they can probably afford chefs, but they also are human and have human cravings and emotions. I agree- why is this even news?

    I do hate how out of shape so many Americans have gotten. However, there should be more coverage of how to fix the problem than to mock those that are not as some supposed ‘perfect’ weight.

  2. Posted by Lisa on 22 October 2011 at 13:48

    It is really nauseating, the amount of body policing that goes on both sides. And Christina Hendricks (Joan from Mad Men) is stunning!

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