This Week In Pregnancy: Week 39

Tomorrow (10/15) is the big day!

Well, it might be a big day.

It’s my estimated due date. Which more means any time kind of around now-ish. I was hoping for earlier rather than later, but the earlier I was hoping for has already passed (as has the full moon). So now we’re just waiting. (It’s disturbing how medicine makes out the due date to be a hard and fast date with other dates based on it fairly rigidly … but I shan’t rant about that here or now.)

For the most part, my body still feels OK. I am going to the bathroom more often, especially at night. The other night I had a monster migraine. I haven’t had a headache bring me to tears in the middle of the night in a long long time. (Maybe never?) The weird butt cramping thing is still happening. My hands, feet and ankles are still swollen.

Otherwise, I’m OK. And really, for the most part, those aren’t that big a deal.

The chiropractor sent me a follow-up e-mail to see how I was doing, which was nice. I told her honestly that I enjoyed my appointments but that I was not seeing improvement. She was frustrated by that and had me in for a complementary appointment to try something else. I went in Tuesday evening.

The butt cramps are still happening. Oh well. I am sure that chiropractic is good for many things, and I felt like she was competent. It just didn’t work. (Actually, I didn’t even have the butt cramps at all until after my first appointment there…) Nothing works on everything.

I did request a cervical check at my appointment last Friday: 1-2 cm, 70% effaced, 0 station. Pretty good 🙂

On Monday, I thought my water broke. It turns out to have been something else that I shan’t discuss here (not something so simple as urine — I can do that on the blog). As of this writing (Thursday evening), nothing going on. At least, nothing that I can feel. Something is going to happen one of these days!

I am 36 today. In hopes of letting The Kid have his own birthday, I’m hoping not to have him today, but as we’ve already established, I have no control over this.

The Big Man and I talked about the baby and how he’s spent the last several months upside down, and how perhaps he’d be more comfortable in his early days if we cocoon him and hang him like a bat. Whaddaya think? Haven’t seen it in any books, but surely that’s just an oversight…

(For those who are horrified and/or terrified  and/or ready to call CPS — I’m kidding…)

I have (finally?) gotten used to feeling him move around in there. Occasionally, there’s a movement that is really distracting, but mostly, they’re, “The Kid is moving all around again.”

I have taken my first hits to the ribs. That is one funky sensation. Hurts a little. Glad he doesn’t do it much. And really, if it’s too crowded in there, there are other attractive housing options available…

And… that’s all. Nothing super-exciting going on now, really. Just waiting.

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